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Boy Better Know - SDMN

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Tami is the shy nerd in school who gets bullied She has that to deal with but also her abusive father at home She lost her mum at the age of 10 in a car accident, her dad never remarried but he did date and sleep around a lot What happens when there are seven new students? The new students are YouTubers and in a group called the Sidemen What happens when they take interest in Tami and want to help? But what happens when one of them falls head over heels for her? Find out in 'Don't Leave... Please'


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Holly Maddison Decker, 15 and lost. Sweet, kind, quiet, shy and observant. Abused at an orphanage, she is taught that she is worth nothing and will never amount to anything. What happens when a group of boys from YouTube called the Sidemen visit the orphanage to find a kid to take care of? What happens when KSI adopts a fifteen year old girl in hopes of finding a new family? Will Holly learn to adapt to his lifestyle or crack under the pressure?


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'Hilarious, popular, beautiful, disappointment, bad mannered, disobedient' Are just a small selection of words said about Lola Bradley daily, her rebellious nature and care-free attitude seems to always get the schools most popular girl Lola into trouble, but what happens when she pushes it too far and eventually everyone snaps; packing her bags and shipping her off to the person she hates the most- her brother?


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She was a nurse trying her best to adapt to the London lifestyle He was a famous YouTuber. When a friends holiday pairs the two in the same place living very different lifestyles, will the pair crumble.... Or find solice in their indifferences? "You don't understand how it is Harry!" "What's wrong with being different?" "Everything"


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‼️‼️I WROTE THIS WHEN I WAS THIRTEEN, I KNOW ITS VERY CRINGE AND I APOLGISE‼️‼️ In whom Harry falls for Ethan's broken sister. But after Beth tragically ends it with her ex, will she ever be able to trust men again. Her underlying issues with her confidence becomes a huge issue causing her to lose constancy with everyone...


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KSI/SIDEMEN FANFICTION • JJ gained knowledge from his wise parents. He grew strength from his positive mentality, which was fed by his friends and fans. Now, integrity. Olajide Olatunji was taught integrity from a girl who's five years and a day younger than him. He was inspired by her to do only good in his life as soon as it came to that turning point. This girl's name is Emilohi Olatunji, and she is KSI's little sister. She has had, quite frankly, a rollercoaster of a life; much, much more fulfilled, depressing, and hectic than either of her brothers'. And this is her story. • Highest rankings: 1st in #ksi 2nd in #miniminter -- DISCLAIMERS: ✩ CONTAINS BAD LANGUAGE & SWEARING. ✩ NOT STEAMY OR SMUTTY, SO IF YOU'RE INTO THAT, THIS IS NOT THE BOOK FOR YOU. --


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"You promised it would always be me." "It's always you, you idiot... I couldn't love anyone else." Highest rankings #1 miniminter #1 sidemen