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Read story Bowie x

Author: moonlight_mj

Category: Science Fiction

Update: 15-09-2020

Status: Writing

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Bowie x reader

This will all be based of different Bowie Persona

Each story will be 4 chapters for each Bowie Persona

1. Meeting Bowie at a concert with your friend

2. Having Ziggy stay at your place

3. pierrot (your the ballerina doll)

4. Your days with thin white duke

5. Thomas Jerome Newton (your his Secretary )

6. David Bowie live aid(your his girlfriend)

7. Lord Byron ( you're a genie)

1.Halloween night with Halloween jack πŸŽƒπŸŒ™
2. JULIAN PRIEST your Therapist
3. Taste of your lips, John Blaylock (vampire)

8. staying in the goblin kingdom

9.Crack baby crack ( working for the cracked actor)

10.Everything this just hunky dory✨

11.Ground control to major Tom (your his wife)

12.Who would love aladdin sane?

13.Put on your red shoesβœ¨πŸ‘ 

14.With your soul man

15.Hitmaker (Monty)

16. In Berlin

They won't all be in order but if I can ill try to keep you all posted with writers notes πŸ’•

And if you ever want more then 4 chapters for each your welcome to let me know ✨

Are you like Bowie x ?!?
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