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-Blood in the Water- Archie Andrews [1]

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"And for in the moment of pure darkness, I see your soul shining brighter than it ever has. I love the weirdness in you and the gentle way you make go insane."

Or when two teenagers end up together in a moment when darkness reigns.

Now in Season 2 ... go to Rebirth in the snow pit
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This is strictly a female imagine story. You can request singers, actresses, models, movie or tv show characters. *This will be a Y/N only story. *Y/N will be G!P or intersex (girl with penis) *If this isn't your cup of tea please do not read! **Mature content in this story.** -Cover Made By: Yours Truly (Me)


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Selena is sweet peas older twin sister. She the leader of the younger serpents. Is worse then sweet pea. Sweet pea listens only to his older sister. He may be taller than her but she is still tall 5'7. Only a few inches shorter. She is best friends with Joaquin. Was apart of the Jason blossom issue. She is bisexual. She has long black hair. Brown eyes. Tan skin. Respected from the young and older serpents. Was friends with jughead when they were kids. Disclaimers: I do not own the Riverdale Plot line I just added a character in and her plot line. I did not make the cover either I found it off of Pinterest. I also have not edited it fully. The first couple chapters aren't the best just bare with me. It will get better. Hopefully.


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Violet Lodge finds friendship, love and hate in a small town called Riverdale. [Archie Andrews X OC] [Riverdale Season 1]


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❝Note to self, the good boys don't just mend a girl's heart. They break them.❞ Note To Self [season one] Copyright © 2017, BeautyAndMarie_


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"What is with you and him and your nicknames?" Veronica laughed. "Urgh, you learn to ignore it." Betty groaned. "I actually can't remember the last time they used each other's first names." "I don't know, I guess it's just our thing." Koa said, nonchalantly, not noticing the smirk on Veronica's face. - In which two best friends, known for constantly mocking each other, become more than best friends. - [season 1] [(very)slow updates]


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Alexia Hepburn has grown up with the Jones'. Practically living there as a child because of her parents always disappearing on "business trips". When her parents end up dead in a plane crash, Alexia has no where to go, besides the Jones'. Moving in, and helping to pay the bills, something in the sir changes when the eldest Jones sees his little Alexia in a different light. Alexia has always kept secret about her job, not wanting the eldest Jones to freak out about her job as an exotic dancer. At the age of eighteen, she's a great entertainer, one day, a serpent catches her at the unknown bar out of town, and snitches to FP, the eldest Jones. Getting protective over his little girl, she starts to feel a certain way about the grown man, a way she's never felt with anyone besides her ex, Sweatpea. Only allowing the eighteen year old to dance at the Wyrm, FP feels much better about where she is. But when things get out of hand, the only person she can dance is for FP. His Classy lil hoe.


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"Who is she?" "McKenna King, or the King of the Riverdale High" (SweetpeaxOC) (Season 2+3)


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Jovana Jones was supposed to go with her Mom and Sister when they left town, but instead stayed behind for her twin brother Jughead. That changes once Jovana starts to stay with her boyfriend, who Jughead doesn't like, which puts a wedge between them... "Our story begins, I guess, with what the Blossom twins did this summer. On the Fourth of July, just after dawn.." And, you know the rest.. Read to see it all through the eyes of Jovana Jones...


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Title says it all my little nastiest. featuring your favorite characters, Archie Cheryl Jughead Betty Veronica Kevin And many many more. hope you enjoy it. PS. These are not my stories all of these were found on Tumblr. I am just giving them the credit they deserve.