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Blazing Heart ✔️(FaZe Blaziken Fanfic)

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Adalee Winters was a regular gamer who drank Gamma Fuel and played Call Of Duty. The only thing different is that Adalee didn't say what gender she was nor did she have a mic to talk to her gaming friends. The only thing they knew was that she carried a ballista sniper in her custom and her gamer tag was, "EliTeX". The only person that knew she was a girl was one of her first online friends, Garret.


One day, Adalee (aka EliTeX) gets a text from a long term friend, Nick Johnson to fly over to New York for his friend's cousin's birthday party (basically this little piece of shit was turning 9 and Nick was gonna be bored anyways at a park with a bunch of little kids running around).

When she got to the park, she spots Nick but with someone else. This person was a special person, a person that was a popular YouTuber and part of a clan called "FaZe".

What shenanigans, drama, and plain fun shit will she have with this FaZe member?? Read to find out!!❤️



(Author's note: SORRY for a cheesy ass title and a terrible fucking description. But I swear it's gonna be a good story Anyways thank you for actually taking the time to read the description and my story remember to FaZe Up and Stay Slothy❤️)



I do not own FaZe or anything mentioned in this story


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