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Black Castle 🖤 E. Mikaelson

Author: Khadijah_Stevens

Status: Writing

Update: 20-09-2022

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A thousand-year-old love story.
A rivalry between brothers.
A werewolf behind chaos.
Only one thing seemed to make sense.
There were no heroes in this particular story, only villains.

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Chapter One. A Heart & A Throne

Chapter Two. A Sword & A Stone

Chapter Three. Prince Frogs & Lord Toads

Chapter Four. A Hero & A Villain

Chapter Five. For Dishonor & Mistakes

Chapter Six. Colors & Shades Of Blood

Chapter Seven. Disturbing & Unapologetic

Chapter Eight. Sacred & Secrecy

Chapter Nine. Devil Exposed & Its Shadows

Chapter Ten. Un Monstre et Une Bête

Chapter Eleven. Strix & Stones

Chapter Twelve. De Martel & The Panic Room

Chapter Thirteen. Pups & Peach Cobbler

Chapter Fourteen. Witches & Warlocks

Chapter Fifteen. Black Candles & Lavender Crystals

Chapter Sixteen. The Devious & The Reckless

Chapter Seventeen. Live & Let Die

Chapter Eighteen. Between Light & Darkness

Chapter Nineteen. Thieves & Treasure Hunters

Chapter Twenty. Through Hell & High Water

Chapter Twenty•One. To Have & To Hold

Chapter Twenty•Two. Marriage & Morgues

Chapter Twenty•Three. & Death Follows

Chapter Twenty•Four. Gods & Monsters

Chapter Twenty•Five. New Orleans & The Devil's Daughter

Chapter Twenty•Six. The Beauty In Harm & Comfort

Chapter Twenty Seven. A Spooky Halloween & A Happy Birthday

Chapter Twenty Eight. A King & No Crown

Chapter Twenty•Nine. & In Darkness, We Surrender

Chapter Thirty. Wallflowers & Seeds

Chapter Thirty•One. Between The Truth & The End

Chapter Thirty•Two. All There Is To Hate & Love

Chapter Thirty•Three. Half a Heart & Silence

Chapter Thirty•Four. Hexed, Poisoned & Bitten

Chapter Thirty•Five. All Fights & No Tears

Chapter Thirty•Six. Broken & Not Better

Chapter Thirty•Seven. Flames & Rain

Chapter Thirty•Eight. Of Ruins & Black Castles

Chapter Thirty•Nine. There & Then

Chapter Forty. Lose You & Love Me

Chapter Forty•One. Bennet & Darcy

Chapter Forty•Two. Battles & Waters Like Misery

Chapter Forty•Three. Brothers & Sisters

Chapter Forty•Four. No Peace & Patience

Chapter Forty•Five. Safe & Sound

Chapter Forty•Six. Over & Over Again

Chapter Forty•Seven. Wonder & Wander