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Read story [BL] The Disabled President of the Mermaid, Lao Gong

Author: Erishi_An

Category: Random

Update: 18-05-2022

Status: Full

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The Disabled President of the Mermaid, Lao Gong


55 Chapters

When Gu Chenxing woke up, he found himself in the book of the same name and became a tragic cannon fodder.

The father brought the mistress and the illegitimate son into the house, trying to occupy everything that the original owner and the original owner's father should have, and take their place.

The original owner was also injected with a mermaid needle by his biological father and turned into a fertile mermaid.

However, the original owner's scum father did not want to divorce, and tried to enjoy the blessings of everyone. Gu Chenxing was wearing it at the moment when the original owner was forced to become a mermaid and committed suicide in despair.

Seeing his father, Bu Yunxi, who was crying and couldn't help himself, Gu Chenxing decided to avenge the original owner. The quickest and most practical way is to promise a marriage with the eldest son of the Bai family.

Is the Bai family disabled? It doesn't matter, he can cure it!

Is the Bai family cruel? It's okay, it's just a deal!

The young master of the Bai family is ruthless? It doesn't matter, he is just using him...

Gu Chenxing, who is emotionally insensitive, never thought that he was falling into Bai Jian's palm step by step.

On the wedding day, Bai Jian thought that his new wife would be as afraid of him as other mermaids. But he didn't expect that the soft Gu Chenxing just let him lighten up.

Even after the bridal chamber was over, his little wife still endured backache and pinched his crippled leg for ten years

Bai Jian looked into Gu Chenxing's eyes: "Why are you being so kind to me?"

Gu Chenxing: "Bai, Bai Sir...actually...I'm just using you..."

Dedicating your body to the use of the rest of your life?

Bai Jian raised the corners of his lips, his little wife is really cute.

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