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๐Ÿ’ž๐ŸŒน๐Ÿ’žBeing With You Is Enough๐Ÿ’ž๐ŸŒน๐Ÿ’ž [ShiMayu Fanfiction] (COMPLETED)

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Shimon Ikaruga; a 10 year old kid who moved to Tokyo for 8 years for proper education, he started to live in his father's friend who happens to be a Martial Master and one of the 12 houses that are known as the upper-ranked of techniques, wisdom, and most of all Martial arts. They are beyond compare to normal Martial Artists. As one of the 12 houses, Shimon trained himself and save his house's reputation for holding the title of "Suzaku"; The Crimson Phoenix of Martial Arts.

He left his house for 8 years, not only for his boost for his knowledge but also to get stronger and surpass his mentor. Seigen Amawaka who happens to be Shimon's mentor acknowledge his strength for moving forward.

Along the way on Shimon's path, a girl suddenly entered his life and changed him. Little by little he fell for her. Her small yet gentle smile, her soft touched of her skin, her caring for others' life more than her own are enough for Shimon to love her so dearly.

Mayura Amawaka; the daughter of Seigen Amawaka is a kind and caring young lady who loves her parents and would do anything for them. A young fuschia-haired guy suddenly entered her life when she was just a child. Even though they didn't talk much to each other, Mayura always find a way to stir in Shimon's actions and make it as her key to talk to him.

After all the years they've been together, they started to find new things and enjoyed each others' company until the day they're in highschool. Something they found along the way that change their relation to each other. But could it be? Is it hatred? Or love?
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A SHIMAYU FANFICTION the hanahaki disease is an illness born from one-sided love,where the patient throws up and coughs up flower petals when they suffer from one-sided love.The infection can be removed through surgery,but you will never feel love again. Started : 28,October 2017 Ended : : ON GOING


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I'm all up for request but I only accept AU stories since I'm not good in fighting scenes!! But I still hope you'll like it!! โ‰งโˆ‡โ‰ฆ


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Otomi Mayura likes Enmadou Rokuro, but when she knew that Rokuro liked her other best friend Adashino Benio, her love for Rokuro is slowly fading away But what will happen if she meets Ikaruga Shimon??? Read this story to find out! [โ€ผThe pictures that are in this book are ot mine!โ€ผ] [DISCONTINUED] Rankings!!!: #15 in sayo- 2/2/19


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His life was perfect......his daily routine was perfect.....but was his love life perfect? It didn't bother him until he met the sousei no onmyouji He saw how sweet love is,a feeling he never felt before "But how can someone so cold do something so warm?"It was what he always thought until a certain girl changed his life. daily routine,his attitude,his all changed because of a certain can a simple weak girl break down his strong walls? Read the story of how Shimon and Mayura's love story was wrote Mayura loved to call it;My love from the star


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Amawaka Mayura is a kind and caring person, she is quite popular in her school causing her many suitors Ikaruga Shimon is a very serious guy and a charming young man causing him many girls that admire him What will happen if the two popular person from there's school meet each other and fall in love? Did the fate really lead them together? Or there is someone who is more suitable for them! (A/N: Sousei no Onmyouji is not mine. I just want you to know that this is my first time writing a fanfiction. This is AU guys. So I hope you'll like it!! ^^ P.S. all of the pictures that I am using all belongs to their respective owners)