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First of hopefully many books! Average BBRae story- with a twist!
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ACTIVE! Raven notices something weird is going on with her body. She decides to take a test and finds out she's pregnant. How will she and Beastboy react to finding out the truth? And how are they going to figure out how to be parents?" Find out by reading "parents"💜💚 -TTBBRae7💗 #1 BBRAE 2/21/22 My 4th BBRAE book. Go check out the other three! I do not own Teen titans or the characters. Cover drawn by shock777


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Little fluffy original short stories about BBRAE with *all* the feels💜💚 ACTIVE!


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ACTIVE! Trigon has been defeated, making Raven the most powerful person alive, but she's changed. Her past violently haunts her mind. She's having panic attacks daily and has resorted to other forms of coping. Her life was spiraling downhill. What she doesn't know is that Beastboy is struggling as well. When they both find out, they decide to get better together. Everything is going well... until sparks ignite. What will happen to their relationship? 🔥❤️ Better Together is rated Mature (According to Wattpad's mature guidelines) for bad language, sexual assault, self harm, ED, and mental health. There is no smut/sex in this story.(Continued warnings below) #1 beastboyxraven 3/1/21 #7 BBRAE 11/4/21 #25 insomnia 11/5/21 -------------------------- Important Disclaimers⬇️ 🚨TRIGGER WARNING!:🚨 Mentions of depression, cutting, sexual assault, suicidal thoughts, eating disorders, and some minimal blood. *I do NOT own teen titans or the characters (obviously)* 💕Thanks so much for reading! I hope you love Better Together!💕