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Baldi's Basics || Game Rules / Baldi x The Principal Of The Thing

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The Last Book To Recess Loving!

Baldi was caught by the Principal for murdering a child. The Principal didn't know what to do, nor how to handle the situation. Baldi goes into hiding, While the Principal speaks to an old friend about what to do.
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One Shots in 'periodic and occasional' progress. Enjoy! ----- Original publication 2017 to 2019 ---- Whoever said that high school was going to be the best four years of your life was dead wrong. My high school experience consisted of acne, baby weight, ill-fitting clothes, and Devon Kingston. Devon Kingston made my life a living hell. Now flash forward to our high school reunion. I've grown up, shed the weight, but I've never forgotten Devon Kingston. And apparently, he hasn't either. 'Cause now he's not interested in making my hell, no he's looking to do much worse; make me his... --- This is Fiction. I in no way condone or encourage any form of bullying. This is a fictitious couple in a fictitious story. If the theme of bullying is triggering please don't read this. I am simply putting some of my own fantasies out there for people to read. Again, I in no way condone bullying


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Even with the strictest school, there's no shame in falling in love. However, to Mr. Baldi school means work. The Principal couldn't help falling in love with a certain Mathematics Teacher, and aims to win his heart, despite what's going around him. The Principle x Baldi content * COMPLETED


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Evanna, who just woke up from her suicide attempt caused by the continuous abuse and bullying she went through, finds herself surrounded by her six step brothers- one of them being jayden, who realized that they used to be best friends before they met again. She goes through hard times, learning that she can trust her brothers and start over again, but her depression, anxiety, and eating disorder won't leave her side either. From moving to a new school, making new friends, going through a lot of drama, she and her family learns a huge secret they never expected. *This is a SEQUEL to the first book, My Step-Brothers. Read the first book before reading this one* TRIGGER WARNING... Mentions of self harm, depression, anorexia, anxiety, rape, and more. Please read at your own risk if you get triggered.


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Suddenly, a painful wince left her mouth as she was dropped onto the floor, her skin making contact with the cold floor. Although she avoided eye contact, she could see her backpack being dragged away from her. Tears flowed down her cheeks when she heard the contents rattling down onto the floor. The erotica landed there almost perfectly on display for him. He noticed the book instantly and chuckled, picking it up and analysing it like some sort of piece from a museum. "Honestly, I always knew you were a freak," he said, lowly, stalking towards her. His large hands wrapped around the sides of her waist, lifting her up again as if she weighed no more than a feather. Instinctively, she wrapped her legs around his torso, the material from her skirt bunching up at her waist. "Always reading those types of books," she could smell his cologne. "Remember when you came up to me, showing me a book where the girl called her boyfriend something when they were fucking, hm?" he asked, and smirked when her body tensed. Alina remembered that day too well for other reasons. That discovery was only the beginning. "Then I said you can call me that, it was only a joke, Lina," she looked up to him innocently when she heard the nickname, "But it became so normal, because you loved calling me that, didn't you?" he whispered into her ear. The girl in his arms didn't dare say a word and because of that, he pushed her further into the wall until her back was completely against the wall. The gap between her and him was also becoming smaller. A little gasp left her lips when she felt him grinding himself on her. She bit her lips, shamelessly enjoying the feeling with the guy she swore to hate, when really, she still loved him. "And what was the word?" he already knew. A blush decorated her face. "D-daddy..." she moaned, barely audible. ・❥・best friends to enemies to lovers ・❥・ ・❥・warning; DDLG, verbal abuse, self-harm, dirty talk, smut ・❥・


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I whimpered as I felt the cold metal touched my back. I know he's an ass but I never thought he would go as far as hurting me physically. I looked at him as he strayed towards me. "You're not going anywhere, babe."he said. He pulled my hair up and started licking my neck. Sucking it and biting. "P..please Tyler. S..stop this.", I said between my sobs. I can still feel the excruciating pain at my back but his kisses on my neck are somehow helping decrease the pain. I hate myself for thinking like this. "Say it.. say sorry for talking back at me.", he whispered menacingly. I looked at him ridiculously but immediately regretted it. "Ha. So you won't say sorry?" Without waiting for my response, he turned me to face the wall. He was holding my arms at my back. I winced when he tightened his grip. I yelped when he lift my skirt and slapped my back. "Fuck.", I groaned as I felt the sting on my lower back spread. A tear escaped my eyes, followed by a train of tears. "P-please.. Tyler..stop this.", I begged. "Ha? That's not what I wanted to hear." For the second time, he slapped my ass. It was so loud that it almost echoed in my empty room. I closed my eyes as I felt his hands slowly caressing my skin. I feel sore already. "Do you want to say something?" I bit my lower lip and tossed my pride out of the window. "I.. I'm sorry Tyler." I heard him snicker. "Sorry for what?" This is so frustrating. Yet I can't do anything but beg. "I.. I'm sorry for r-raising my voice and talking back at you." i said between my sobs. "What else?" I closed my eyes as I hear my heart beats faster. He yanked my hair. "What else?! "I'm sorry for.." I swallowed the big lump on my throat. "I'm sorry for.. n-not letting you touch m-me." "Good little step sis.", he patted my head. I heard him snicker before he pulled me for a hard kiss.


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Baldi and The Principal are now a couple. They love each other, and they want to get to know each other, both inside and out. However, an enemy lurks in the distance, and regretful choices were made.


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*COMPLETED* (Y.O.L.O stands for: YOU ONLY LIVE ONCE) *** Carter Jones, the school nerd, and Killian Henderson, the reputated troublemaker, somehow end up getting detention together. "How about we make a bet?" Offered Killian, his pistachio-green eyes drilling into mine as a playful smile lingered on his lips. "A bet?" I gulped, intimidated by how close he was sitting next to me. He nodded and raised four fingers, the ones with the letters "Y.O.L.O" tattooed on them, wriggling them in front of me with his ever-so-confident grin. "Four dares, Jones, just you and me." And that's how it all started. *** Rankings: #fiction #featured #queer #gay #depression #bl #youngadult #featured #comedy #bisexual #manxman #teen fiction #boyxboy #bxb #LGBT #romance Cover designed by Holly Thurston


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This ones for you my friend. Hah... what am I doing with my life. Sigh. Oh well I'm already doing it , so it really doesn't matter at this point. -Benjamin [Aka: writer] ______________________________________________ "You are hired... umm.. what was it again?." The principal looks slightly down at his desk where his papers with Baldi's information were. He reads it quickly to remember his new love interest name. "oh, yes. Baldi was it?" he asks even tho he already knows from reading the papers in front of him clear with information about the bald man. "yes." baldi replies to the principal who wasn't fully of noticed for falling in love with his new teacher at his school. "Well then. It'll be nice to have you here at the school with us mister Baldi."


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It's been 2 years since Baldimore got a job at the school to teach math The principal since Baldis arrival had a huge crush on him He accepted it and decided to tell him But baldi did not take it well... Find out more in the story!