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Bad Intentions

Author: lisasinghh

Status: Writing

Update: 27-09-2022

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"Are you scared that I might just beat you at your own game?"

Jace let out a deep chuckle that sent tingles down my back. "Sweetheart, I'm here to remind you of one little thing."

"And what's that?" I asked with a raised eyebrow.

He walked between my legs as I was still seated on the counter which surprised me. His hands grabbed my waist and pulled me closer to him. A soft gasp left my lips from his sudden movements.

He never broke eye contact. "That even in this little game, you belong to me."


Senior year for Leah Tate came around before she knew it and she couldn't wait to get started with her best friend, Kayla Greyson. Both were ready for a good final year of high school and excited to see what life after high school held ahead. But fate has other plans for Leah especially when Nate Rylan, Leah's childhood friend and first love, moves back into town.

Still trying to get over her heartbreak and to show Nate she has moved on, Leah enlist in the help of Jace Emerson, the resident bad boy. Jace who is well know for his cold hearted demeanor and playboy ways agrees to help Leah, but for a price of course. A game with an inevitable ending, try to make the other person fall for them.

Ultimately, Leah agrees to Jace's price and the façade along with the game begins. Of course nothing is easy, Leah finds herself intrigued by Jace. She wants to know exactly who he is since not much is known, just rumors. Danger, hatred and darkest secrets all surround this bad boy.

Is Leah ready to uncover what is ahead? Especially since she found herself in the middle of it all.

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