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Bad For Me

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From an outside point of view, Fallon has the perfect life. A rich family, popular boyfriend and a pretty face. However, all that glitters isn't gold. Behind the money and smiles, every aspect of her life is controlled to the point where she's accepted the deep sadness that resides within her. But everything changes when a certain boy, deemed a trouble maker by everyone, shows her trouble can be a little fun.
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Kayla Ryans tries to maintain control in all aspects of her life and avoids relationships at all costs. When she signs up for a Co-ed Summer Beach Volleyball League the last thing she expects is to befriend Jake Mitchells. On the surface they seem to be complete opposites. The whole town thinks they know Jake, but maybe he has more secrets than anyone. Can a girl with trust issues team up with a guy like that to win the prize money they both so desperately need? What is Jake hiding? Why does Kayla have trust issues? Why do they need this prize money so badly? Can the past ever truly stay in the past? You think they'll fall in love and everything will be just easy and wonderful right? Hah as if it is ever that easy. It's an unlikely duo so who knows what could happen.


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Edits coming from October onwards -- new chapters included :)) ♡♡♡ Everyone has celebrity crushes. You don't expect to ever run into them, but what happened if you do? Skylar Collins is a college student working at a coffee shop in London. Her whole life changes when she runs into her celebrity crush. He turns her whole life upside down. Is it all worth it? Luca Bianchi, the guy every girl dreams of. His life has been crazy ever since starring in the YA movie hit of the year. When he thinks his life cannot get any crazier, he meets her. Can she bring peace to his life? ♡♡♡ "Again, I'm sorry. I wasn't paying much attention." He looks at me, this time I can see his face and I immediately know where I've seen him before. "Hey, I know you! You're the girl that ran into me this morning and gave me a free coffee." Oh, God. Does he recognise me? "You don't have to look so shocked. I'm just a normal person getting coffee and shopping for books. You look better without the apron on, by the way." ♡♡♡ #10 in UK • 15-11-2021 ‼ warning Some chapters will contain swearing or sexual content


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*BEING EDITED VERY SLOWLY AND HEAVILY* I gasped, glancing at the boy next to me. "She cursed... is that a bad sign?" He makes a funny face and looks at me. "You should run." "Great." Rich and privileged, Jordan Rossi had it all. Maybe too much of it to the point where she didn't realize how spoiled she was. Until she got expelled and practically got kicked out of her nice and comfy home to get shipped to a whole new state to live with her cousin. Her parents sure hoped that would be enough to get her to be a bit more responsible without anyone to fall back on. It's never that easy when there are bad habits to break. Especially if she's lived with those habits for seventeen years. New rules, new people, and a whole lotta of homework, Jordan sure hopes she gets through it without murder on her mind. [][][] Highest Rank: #13 in Humor on the What's Hot List Completely amazing cover by @the_sinking_swimmer


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Emery's uptight and strung out on work. Luke's a musician with writer's block. When their apartment building experiences a black-out, they find themselves with nothing but each other's company and some bubble wrap.


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Georgie Talbot is a nerd. She gets bullied daily, but does nothing to stop it. One day, a creepy man who is neither a murderer, rapist or stalker (she checked) approaches her. He needs her help. His son, Breton Joel, needs to be saved within 45 days. Georgie says yes, and with that her impossible mission begins. Breton Joel is a bad boy. He's never met Georgie, never heard of her. If he has seen her, it would have been that one time he knocked her down in the hallway, but he wasn't paying attention to her then. He needs help, needs Georgie's help, but he doesn't know it yet. When the two meet, it becomes one of Georgie's nightmares. Saving the bad boy? From what? He's not the one being bullied! He doesn't need saving from anything. He can do this himself! Unfortunately, Georgie's first impression is wrong. Breton needs her help. Badly. But Georgie needs his help too. Can these two work together? What happens when the 45 days are up? ~~ Thanks to DayDreamer48 for the cover art!! ~AwesomeMC ~~ Humor: #19 Romance: #22 Disclaimer: I do not own any of the TV shows, movies, books, actors, etc. mentioned in this book. All credit goes to original authors, etc.


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When Charlotte Evans last saw Dylan Trafford, two years ago, he broke her heart. The boy with the tattoos and a penchant for speed was the only guy Charlotte ever loved--and the one who broke her trust. After one intense night of secrets and temptation, Dylan abruptly broke off their relationship without a backward glance. Shattered, Charlotte decided to take off to her aunt's house in Wisconsin, ready to leave it all behind. Letting Charlotte go was the biggest mistake in Dylan's life, something he has regretted for years. So when their paths cross again years later he would do anything to win her back. But just when things start to go right, Charlotte is given some news that might just destroy all her dreams at a possible future. A Reckless Play Spin Off. © 2019, Netflix-and-cry.


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Rebel Simmons was just a girl who was dealt a shitty hand in the game of life. Despite her harsh and abusive upbringing, she worked hard, and studied harder. With an IQ of 252. she's a certified genius and is working towards her Masters Degree in Computer Engineering and Computer Science at Stanford University. When tough times hit and she's desperate for money, she steals $5 Million from an offshore bank account. Little did she know she was stealing from the most ruthless Mafia Boss in the world: Dante Vino. • MATURE THEMES 18+ • Cover designed by Holly Thurston


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Autumn looked out her window, at the oak tree that was in the middle of her backyard. The limbs were big enough to climb on. She always imagined sneaking out of her house, using the tree as her accomplice but she never had an opportunity to do so. The best pictures are the ones taken at night. With or without a flash. And with someone to come with you. * * * * * Thank you to @thinkingfingers- for making this cover! Highest Ranking: General Fiction #150


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[Completed] "You're gorgeous, Hayley Ann," he mumbled. There went my heart again. Did he have any idea that he was capable of that? I let myself go in the moment and I wrapped my arms around him and closed my eyes. This was perfect. This was how I wished it would have gone. "Justin," I whispered. I opened my eyes and was met with his. "Why didn't it go like this?" .......... Hayley Allen has a crush on her best friend, Justin. Unfortunately for her, he just admitted to her that he has had a girlfriend for the past three months. That is only the beginning of Hayley's problems. She's trying to finish her senior year of high school while living by herself. She is determined to figure out her future and get over her crush once and for all, but life has other plans for her. [90,000+]


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Jamie MacHare is a twenty-year-old college freshman, ready to tackle the world of art and live life to its fullest. So, when she finds a man passed out drunk on her apartment steps, she doesn't hesitate to bring him in. After all, if she were passed out drunk somewhere, she'd very much appreciate it if someone took care of her. College football star Roman Barrington did not see it that way. Roman doesn't know what to make of the brunette he woke up to after a night of partying. All he knows is she won't be getting anything from him, no matter how innocent her smiles are. He has too much on his plate and shoulders to worry about giving out favors to anyone. But she doesn't want anything and then he keeps seeing her everywhere, and she keeps smiling; keeps laughing. Soon, he starts to seek her out. Soon, Jamie starts to fall. Soon, Roman kisses her. "Soon," they realize, isn't always guaranteed.