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Bad Feelings (Zach's Daughter series, Book Five, The Vampire Diaries)

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All rights go to the creators of The Vampire Diaries and the CW, except for the fanfiction characters and plots. Heartofice97: Alex Gilbert, Kacie Lockwood, Eliza Forbes, Liv Gilbert, Cristian Hunter, Rosalita, Luna TVDlover97: Kaylin Salvatore PLLTWTVD1997: Nicola Salvatore StarMistress97: Charlotte Hunter, Ingrid Mikaelson, Gabriella Gilbert Katherinep97: Ashley Gilbert, Jack Hunter, Justin Benson, Nathan Salvatore, Evan Mikaelson, Dawn Lockwood-Mikaelson


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Nicola Salvatore is in for the long run to get Stefan, her youngest vampire ancestor, back to the way she was, while even though she finds out something is totally wrong with her, but what is it, and is it something she can fix?


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Nicola "Nikki" Salvatore has had a hard life. She was raised to defend herself against vampires, two of them being her ancestors Stefan and Damon. Her mom had died from a form of cancer. Damon had killed her dad, Zach... and yet, Stefan and Damon have been the ones that have protected her and kept her safe above all. Nicola had gotten sick, like her mother, but she had fought through. And due to her being raised to fight against the vampires, when the Brotherhood of the Five had come around, Nikki was a Potential.  But, when Katherine had been in Elena's body and made Damon think that she wanted nothing to do with him, he lashed out, killing one of her friends, trying to kill her brother... and turning little niece Nikki into a vampire. Even while he tried to convince everyone it was for selfish reasons, they know it was so that she wouldn't get sick again, and she wouldn't have to worry about becoming a Hunter.  But then Damon died, and Stefan fled town.  So who was left to help the newbie vamp with becoming a vampire and helping her control her urges? Tyler Lockwood. But her focus remains Stefan and Damon, especially when Stefan has barely spoken to her all summer, Damon comes back to life, and she finds out about Sarah Salvatore... her long lost sister that she never knew she had. Just when will she find out, and will this be the last thing that she can take from her only family left? Although this is a toxic family, it's one to feel confused and angry and upset about.... If you can't be a fool for family, who can you be a fool for?


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Nicola Salvatore played by Zoey Deutch