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Bad Blood

Author: MmaroZ

Status: Full

Update: 17-08-2022

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Indie rock band Mark Four want to reform after more than a decade, and they want Nancy Fox to join them, on their album and tour. 'They' being the record label execs, NOT the band members, who hate her. Damon, one of the founding members and her then boyfriend died, and they still blame her for it, all those years later.
Nancy is at a crossroads in her life and needs a change, but can she cope with the animosity and hatred from the band, or the threats and bullying of Riker, founding member and best friend of Damon?
He's determined to make her pay, she just wants to get on.
Who'll win this battle? And can anyone overcome all the bad blood between them?

This story is complete but only 15 chapters appear here as I have published this via Amazon. If you enjoy it, then I hope you'll complete it there!