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Audrey Hepburn Biography

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It is about Audrey Hepburn 's life and how she got famous.
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True Interesting and stories about Audrey Hepburn that I have found on Tumblr via Audrey fanpages. I give credit to every story, and will share as many as I can.


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It was a long time ago, where no one believed that vampires exist but this girl did, ever since she was little, her mother who was human and her dad was an unknown creature that was killed by a tribe, that was unpredictable but lucky, she made it out alive, she was only eight years old, and well, you never forget the horrible death that was right in front of you. Her whole tribe was gone or so she was told. But we'll not get into that right now, let us tell a tale of how this young fairy became sudden Mates, no, the proper words for soulmates, came upon two criminals and perhaps one that is undead, and a Queen of the darkness, for her, she is now the truth of all woman but slight hint, never f^#$k with a fairy, of any girl or they'll kill, fairies are not the nice ones that many see in Disney or movies about them, we tend to get a little messy if the job is not done properly. Our darling fairy is at the age of 20, a talented voice, terrible attitude when she wants to be, kind to the time where everyone enjoys to be around her, though she had enemies in the past, and well, none did not like the right words or the choice of fists that she put into those who harmed the innocent and done wrong by their actions but, hey, she wasn't innocent either, and which her thoughts turned to her deep soul which yeah, she almost had a suddenly personality that could make a person want to kill. Many times, she controlled it, but then a voice of a woman, was calling in her head, she even saw visions which, of a woman who was beautiful but before she can get close, everything goes dark and back to normal she came, then she just knew that, something, was going to tear her apart, the point of scar, lost and sudden nervous, okay, all her life, she has never been wrong about that, the time was coming, and how will our dear Vivianne Cromwell handle the situations, when she meets them sooner than never! {Seasons 1-3} {Gecko Bros, Santanico x Fem Oc} {Mature Audience, gore, etc]


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issues in the world are happening every single day. we need to put an end to the hate in this evil cruel world. TW// some resource may be to graphic or descriptive for some viewers. highest rank: non fiction #57 biography: #47 helpline: #15 #wattyawards2021: #5 #historicalnonfiction: #14 WATTY AWARDS 2021 AWARD WINNER SECOND PLACE HISTORICAL NON FICTION in THIS book: BLM, the Philippines, #PayUp, Free MENA, In Latin America, In Asia and the Pacific, Uyghur Muslim Concentration Camps, Indigenous Communities, LGBTQ+ Rights Indigenous Communities (cont.), Free MENA (cont.), In Asia and The Pacific (cont.), Protect Sex Workers and Combat Trafficking, Abolish ICE, Fight Antisemitism, Environmentalism, Asian Americans and COVID-19, In Eurasia, In Africa, In Europe, VOTE(U.S.A) last updated : March 2023 cover credits: @aleshawrites_ (always updating!)


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A biography dedicated to a woman who changed the course of American history, fashion and culture. Written and edited by MissDKennedy


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These are some facts that you may or may not know about the beautiful actress Audrey Hepburn


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This is a story about me. Not exactly a biography. That seems sort of arrogant to me. I mean, who am I to think my life special enough to have others want to read about it? But I came of age in the 80's in Southern California and, if you don't already know, it was a great place and time to be alive! So, even if my whole life story isn't filled with accomplishments worthy of the history books, I do have some great stories to tell. They're wild and fantastic and I remember them all! So, rather than the story of my life, this will be more like a fun romp thru stories of my sex life! Some of it, I think you'll find erotic. MOST of you will find at least SOME of it shocking! (I know even I do!) Mostly, though, I think you'll laugh. Because for some reason, when I write about it, it's comedy. And... believe it or not... ALL OF IT REALLY HAPPENED! Most of the names have been changed - to protect, well... Me! (There are no innocent parties here.) Very few people are as transparent as I am! Some of them did let me use their real names but I'll leave it to you to try to figure out which ones! It is an unfinished work. I am adding stories a chapter at a time. I'm hoping enough of you will love it by the time I'm done, to warrant putting it into print! SO... If you like it, please pass it on! SHARE IT with anyone else you think might enjoy it. And... CLICK ON THOSE 🌟's! They're at the end of each chapter. The more of those I get, the higher up on the list of recommended reading I will go. Now, imagine me reading this to you out loud... Ya ready? We're about to have ORAL SEX!


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Feminism is equality. After all, We are, And always will be, One human kind.


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π”ππƒπ„π‘πƒπŽπ† they stuck together like glue, even with the rumours and his presence washing over them like a burning shower. romy and jude, the underdogs who never received peace. all rights to you know who, i own my oc cast. ©️_PASTELBEE