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basically a big book full of Creature Feature Curtis Rx X Erik X fanfiction, and most of these will be song inspired, and I'll name the song with the chapter, then there will be random stories in here as well.....


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"Why eat me when you can eat me out?" Falling in love with a man eater doesn't sound so good. [Warning] • Smuts • Crack • Explicit Language • Cannibalism thiccJiminaj © 2019


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in which the god of mischief wins new york with the help of a siren [CANON DIVERGENCE] [NSFW- major character death, disturbing themes, graphic descriptions of sex and violence]


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[Curtrik] Curtis and Jerry are dating, but to Curtis, it feels more like he's trapped. Jerry's... Rough. Curtis needs a way out, but does he have one? If so, is it Erik? (Warning For Domestic Violence)


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I got an idea of making short Creature Feature stories from I_Was_Buried_Alive. Thank you so much for inspiring me. If you haven't checked her/him then you should, he/she also has some Creature Feature stories that are really good. Some of the stories will be Curtrik.