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Anxiety - Part 2 (Darkiplier x Reader)

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It was only a matter of time before he returned, and you knew it would happen. There was nothing you could do to escape this...
May be you like?


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Small (y/n) gets betrayed and therefore she runs. Runs till she finds someone. With her new life she started to grow the love for fighting. But that interest got her into some serious trouble. (This description will change during time) I don't own any of the LoL characters. This story may have its differences from the show "Arcane".


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Indeed. You will be kidnapped and yes, somehow, a series of events shall unfold. But of course, I can't say whether the outcome will be good or bad. For that would just be ruining the surprise.


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Sean Mcloughlin, your Science teacher is a medium built, Irish; ecstatic guy. He's your favourite teacher, and you're his favourite student. But he's more than a little bit crazy; especially for you.


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Boi why are you even reading this all the information you need is in the title


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You had moved to L.A, ready to go to college to learn how to be a engineer. The first day you are there though, you meet Mark Fischbach, who you learn is actually a Youtuber named Markiplier. After getting to know him, you explore his fanbase, curious. You don't know...that someone else, more sinister, is watching you. Waiting. For the right time. ~First X Reader, judge harshly, I need the criticism~


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Your a 21 year old girl who loves Markiplier. you wake up to hear strange noises. Nothing is there. you go back to your room and sit on your bed, a dark entity takes hold of you, and takes you to his world. can you escape?


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Yep. You read it right. Markimoo and all his egos just for you! Smut, Fluff, You name it! I take requests also! Just give me a...just tell me. I apologize if I accidentally use anyone's idea. These ideas are all from my imagination...YES THAT MEANS YOU CANT USE THEM EITHER.


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It was funny to believe that Y/N thought that everything had finally come to an end. But no, that's not how the game works. She didn't get rid of me at all, in fact she did possibly the worst thing anyone could've done: let me escape, let me recover...and grow to my full potential. And now that the Host and Anti are out and about, there's going to be a whole new twist in this little tale. I sure hope Y/N is prepared for my arrival... P.S. Be prepared to choose your own story!