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annoying || yoongi x reader [ ✓ ]

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« two different people. same stubborn personality.»

You and Min Yoongi never got along. However, little did you two know is that the both of you are more alike than what you thought you were.

unedited & cringey | ©liquorss

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❝How old are you❞ jungkook asked. You just put two fingers infront of him. ❝2!?❞he asked with a frown. ❝T-twenty❞you said nervously after shaking your head as *NO* ❝I used to mentally laugh at your dad whenever he calls you baby..... until I meet you❞ he said with a chuckle. ❝And here you are......actually a baby❞ you heard him again. ❝D-don't call me baby.....I'm m-mature❞ you said with angry pout. He smiled at your cuteness. ❝Cupid did an amazing job......cause you are my baby......My baby wife❞ he said snuggling his face in the crook of your neck. •••••••••••••••••••••••••••• A story about a cold Mafia business man finding a cute, clumsy and sweet girl as a life partner. A story about how an arrange marriage turn into love. A story about how an innocent angel become the devils breathing and heartbeat. A story filled with cliché and cringy stuffs like poor, weak, sweet girl with cold rude heartless millionaire and of course Hot Guy. 🔞Different different warning for slightly smut and fully smut Read at your own risk⚠ 💋English is not my first language. Nor I'm an experienced writer. So please don't comment something judgemental. 💋BUT You're always welcome to provide suggestions. Please be nice to everyone, it doesn't cost anything. Cover designed by ✨its_pihu1997✨ Story concept by ✨zarabunny97✨ About plot writing, editing and story line, all the rights reserved to @swaeg001 Started: 31st December, 2020 Finished: 10th October, 2021 ✨Achievement: #1 in btsjk #1 in btsff #1 in watty #1 in agony #1 in btsboys #1 in btsarmy #1 in btsfanfic #1 in fanclub #1 in arrangedmarriage #1 in maturethemes #2 in btsscenarios #3 in jeongguk #3 in lovestory #3 in btssmut #3 in jimin #5 in taehyung #8 in Rude [✨I'm definitely happy with this✨]


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"you're all mine; the hair, the lips, the body, it's all mine." • highest rankings • - #1 in jimin - #1 in pjm - #1 in btsfanfic cover by: @TheChristianChimChim on Wattpad


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moving to korea was the best choice you had ever made, you didn't doubt that. but when a mysterious man turns up, and you find yourself involved in things beyond comprehension, question upon question begin to rise. -for the purpose of this story, lets just pretend you're fluent in korean- -fluff/angst-


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It was hard keeping everything a secret. After all, you are dating a member from the biggest K-Pop group in the world. book 2 to 'annoying' | ©liquorss unedited & cringey { BEST RANKING ; #281 FANFICTION 03152020 }


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TW: contains sensitive topics, so make sure that you can handle it before reading. Read with caution. ---- Unknown Unknown: I lost my number, can I have yours? ;) You: Bruh. €•€ Min Yoongi, cold, blunt and has a sharp tongue in personal. But everyone is different when they are wearing a mask called "the social media", making them act what they really are without having people remember your face and judge you personally despite being yourself. Some antisocial in real life but shockingly famous on the internet. Shocking, right? What if Min Yoongi was the same? Cold in personal but someone different on the internet? A/N: I'm the type of (amateur) author who goes with whatever ideas pops into her head (no matter how weird), so this may be full of plot holes, wrong punctuations, grammars and (most likely) complicated story errors. Hope you liked it, though.


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* GONNA START HELLA EDITING THIS * 5/22/20 This got to #3 in yoongifanfiction I- thank y'all so much In a world where everyone is branded since birth with a bar code and what they are to be has already been decided for them there are two individuals who are fighting to defy the status quo. They have been through struggles and are looking for something they don't know is each other. For they are the only ones with identical bar codes....