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an old cringy fanfic (don't read please)

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Edit Jan/23/2023: I hate this book...
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Remake of my What does love feel like book cause why not? Anyways book includes: • Michael x Noah [Bottom Noah] •Evan x Nightmare [Bottom Nightmare] •Yaoi [BoyxBoy] •Unholy Shit •Bullying •NOT A WHOLESOME STORY.• •You can read the rest in the warning chapter. • BOOK THUNBNAIL IS NOT MINE


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The First 3 Chapters Are LITERAL FUCKING DOG SHIT and I'll rewrite them when I W a n t. Very Mature Sexual Content, Not For Those Under 16 💀 Ennard Is Always Top I'm A Slow Updater So Bare With Me- Yes I Have An A.U Ennard's Soul Is Not Noah, It's Elijah (A.U) More Info Is On Chapter 17, 24 and 25


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WARNINGS Fluff Cursing Bad spelling Bad smut Lemon Whatever the fuck this is- If you are not ok with any of this then, feel free to fuck off because it's my book dipshit. I might rewrite this- It's kind of crappy at the beginning (which I can fix) but it does get better! The later chapters are really good in my opinion, and several people have reached out to tell me. I mean, I can rewrite it if you want, or leave it in it's original glory. Heh. This book is so cringy.


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We follow Travis Phelps and his life as the school prom is only a week away. And he plans to ask a very special guy to go with him. With a special twist :) GENERAL TRIGGER WARNINGS FOR THIS STORY: Child abuse, child neglect, mention of murder, implied murder/murderer, cults, mention of cults, religion, the christian religion, homophobia, internalized homophobia