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❝ all messed up ❞ // jung taekwoon.

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This is the Sequel to 'Sweethearts'.

petty arguments and cold looks.
May be you like?


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He's 24, she's 16. He's a music teacher, she's a student. Gaeyoon is a 10th grader, a graduating student. She's very intelligent but she always fail in Music class especially the teacher who teaches music and gives her a creepy aura. Taekwoon or Mr. Jung teaches Music. He before was a famous artist and pianist but then resigns for some reasons and becomes a teacher instead. He's a career type of person. Work is work for him. He's serious in everything and cold, but also has a soft spot which only a few people know. One day. Gaeyoon is being chased by 2 men and she accidentally hides from a man standing nearby. Taekwoon was passing by


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Cute,fluffy, and sometimes angsty oneshots, short imagines,text conversations and fanfictions between you and VIXX. Feel free to leave any constructive criticism and I'll improve on my imagines!


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N, Leo, Ken, Ravi, Hongbin and Hyuk in a story where we Starlights are the leading lady.


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Just another love story, with Leo from Vixx and you as the main