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Read story All it took was meeting you... (Champion Leon x OC)

Author: BlueAzure92

Category: Adventure

Update: 27-11-2022

Status: Writing

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Lynelle Celestine accepted her brother's request of her going on a vacation in the Galar region to take a break from work and take a trip down on memory lane. Meeting an old friend, learning new PokΓ©mon, seeing beautiful landscapes, making new friendships and rivals. Who knows? Maybe she'll experience something else, something new and unfamiliar.

Her love for battling she had lost and forgotten, now returned as she goes on a full-on journey with the newfound desire to battle the region's undefeated Champion.

But fate has led her to discover that her journey... may have another purpose than she initially thought.

This is my first time writing so it may be cringey. Please don't send any hate (writing advice, or any feedback, is appreciated). English isn't my first language so I'm very sorry for any grammatical errors, wrong spellings and any wrong choice of words. This is just for fun and this story is just a "trial" thing for me. Like, I'll continue if people actually like my silly story, If not then I'll probably will just keep writing just because its fun for me lol.
It is also my first time writing a fanfic so the characters may be OOC.
(Old title: A Sweet Love (Leon x OC))

(I do not own the PokΓ©mon series, only my original characters and this story.)

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