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All I need is you// Rye Beaumont

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When two people love each other too much, comes a third one to change things a little... but do you think Rye is ready for this change? It was starts when Rye and his band go to Manchester for the last show of the tour. He Mets the girl of his dreams and from there a beautiful thing starts between them. It's not until when Emily's ex boyfriend comes into the story again and hurts Her in a horrendous way that Rye finds out a secret that she was hiding from him.


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In this Story you are the new babysitter of the Twins Sammie and Shaun. You and their older brother Rye start flirting but there is one problem.... Story written by Giulia 🎶


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@ryebeaumont sent you a message "so im your type?" "No" "I'll make you fall in love with me, just you wait" "you wish"


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"Who would've thought that after that playful fate, we would still find our way back to each other in this small world?" Alexandria Anderson have spent her life moving from one place to another. It began when her Dad died when she was six years old and since then, she and her Mom move to different places within the United Kingdom. It was hard for her at first, but every time that they move; adjusting to a new environment became easy for her. Now, they're at Slough and there is something different about the people she met there. Highest ranking: #1 in ryebeaumont #1 in rye #1 in roadtriptv


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Zara dreelan was Blair's daughter. She had always been a daddy's girl. Zara lived with her mum also she had her job over near her mums. However, when her dad asked her to come and stay with him, she dropped everything. He told her that she could stay with a boyband called roadtrip. He would pay her, as long as she did some work... for him and the boys. Little did she know that the day she dropped everything and closed a door to her normal life... all her dreams came true.