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Alaya's Apocrypha

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Takes place in the Apocrypha Type Moon Universe. Alaya has sensed the presence of not just seven, but 16 Servants. In response, it sends its most loyal dog, Shirou Emiya, down with the ability to summon Servants.
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This book takes place in the years of Emiya Shirou being a Counter Guardian, from its bottom to its top. For the ideal he lived up for, to become a Hero of Justice, Emiya Shirou had become someone without a name, without a past, without a reason to exist. He accepted to become a nameless ghost to save others. But, will this satisfy the void of his heart, or will it just transform into the hypocrisy he already knew of? Will he just end up like he already did, being pierced and surrounded by unlimited graves of the ones he has lost?


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Fate stay/night x Fate Grand Order Y/n a normal high school girl died in a car accident. When she opened her eyes she was a kid again, but that's not all she looks awfully familiar. And was more shocking is that she is in her favorite Anime Fate stay/night. And she became Shirou Emiya's Little Sister. Disclaimer: Videos, Gifs, Pictures, and the Fate stay/night are not owned by me. The Fate stay/night is owned by Type-Moon, and ufotable.


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2 years has passed after the 5th Holy Grail War ended, a new organization called The Heaven's Fallen had recreated the ritual to obtain the Grail in hopes of creating a new world order for magus in a global scale. The Mages Association and the Holy Church learned of their intentions and are dispatching 7 mages to neutralize the new threat and to finally eliminate the last vessel of the Holy Grail. Unknown to them it's that the last vessel is someone familiar to them, someone dear controlled by none other than Zouken Matou and his worms. The newly-formed group has only 14 days to bond between them and win this conflict, named "The Greater Grail War". This will be decided with the clash of 7 vs. 7 battle between Servants and Masters, with the fate of the world resting in their hands. (A fan-made sequel to Fate/Stay Night: Unlimited Blade Works. I don't own anything in this story, just only the plot, the characters, setting and such are owned by Type-Moon)


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fate stay night x spiderman crossover.


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brought forth from his dying world moments after saving his sister from potential death, Shirou Emiya must once again fight his way through a grail war to save what he loves, along with his anomalous servant beside him, can he win a war bigger than anything set before or will he finally give in to the despair of sacrifice. (Anything pertaining to the works of Nasu or other products are not my own and this is only done for fun)


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"Alright, let's start from the I can tell you the origin story Fuyuki's Amazing Vigilante, Spider-Man."


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Counter Guardian, Shirou Emiya, wakes up to find himself on a quest during a modern Age of the Gods. He also finds out something much worse than any god or demon; he's a teenager! Remake in progress


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Well, AHAHAHA, I have Reincarnated to the Word of My hero Academia, I know you know it, You wouldn't be here if you didn't ! and guess what ? I have the power of fate servants, and I have fused bodies with Senji Muramasa, and Shirou Emiya, yeah, Not confusing at all ahahaha, anyway, I will be the Strongest hero, there is no debate, but, How long will it take ? Well if you want to know why not give this story a Try !


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This is will be different from [Fate Stay Night: Avenger Rises]. As many things changed... ---------------------- You are the teeth from the shadows... Call Upon my name between night and day... Only ash left behind you... Surrounded by the flames of hatred... Show hell on earth under the demons... That makes angels cry from the heavens... Key to uneven with the stars... Engetsuka... Mikazuki... Become one and break the laws of all! ---------------------- Kazuto Emiya finds himself in the fifth Holy Grail War included the memories of his past life. However, things wouldn't go according to his plans. As he needs to protect and teach Shira Emiya and enter into a temporary partnership with his rival, Rin Tohsaka. With their servants, Lancer (who willingly accept to be free from Kirei), Archer (who she seems to despise Shira), and Saber (who is not Artoria but an unknown servant similar to Archer.). It should be okay, right? With his mind of his plans in shambles because of these changes due to his existence and actions, AND some UNIVERSAL differences compared to the one he was used to, Kazuto steels himself for the worst.