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Read story Ad Infinitum (Remus Lupin X Reader)

Author: TheLemonSheriff

Category: Fanfiction

Update: 02-12-2022

Status: Writing

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• ad infinitum • (adv.) again and again in the same way; forever •


"You touch your eyebrow when you're thinking," I said.

"And you chew on your lip," he said, meeting my eyes. I looked away quickly. He stood from his chair, walking closer to me. "Does it not hurt to chew on it all the time?"

"No, it doesn't," I said, looking to my feet. It was too difficult to make eye contact with him, especially when he stood so close to me.

"I don't touch my eyebrow," he said quietly. "I touch the scar."

I nodded, feeling my mouth go dry.

"We all have our quirks," he said. "And I feel yours is more destructive than mine, Miss Y/L/N."

"It's not destructive, not really. I know what hurts and what doesn't," I rambled, peeking up at him, finding his eyes heavy on my face. I averted my eyes.

"Look at you," he muttered. "You can't even look at me."

I felt as though my entire body was trembling as his hand grazed mine.

"I thought you weren't shy, Miss Y/L/N," he said quietly.


How do you describe perfection?

Imperfections that you wouldn't mind dealing with for the rest of your life; ad infinitum.

Y/N Y/L/N is the newest hire at Hogwarts. Having graduated from Ilvermorny, she struggles to find a teaching job. After all, the demand for Latin teachers isn't all that high. But she manages to secure a job at Hogwarts where she'll be a teacher's assistant. Little does she know, she'll be a whole lot more.

Immediately, she is drawn to the newest professor at Hogwarts, a kind if not sullen man. The job that she only took out of necessity becomes something that she wouldn't trade for anything. She'd do it forever if she could; ad infinitum.


Thank you to @TheHalfbloodBlack for correcting the Latin titles!

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