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This is my first Kinktober ♥︎ Please have in mind that all these chapters would reffer dark themes and smut -obviously- ♥︎♡New Chapters Every Day♡♥︎ So, enjoy yourselves~ Darlings ♥︎~


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In which a supermodel meets a gangster... [under heavy editing] TW: strong language, smut scenes, murder, death -- Hi readers! This is my first time writing! I hope you all enjoy this, it's just something I did to pass time over the summer and please no plagiarizing!!!


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This story reveals their deepest secrets.


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She waited for him every day ever since he left her. Ever since he stopped talking to her. Ever since he lost her. Ever since she lost him. Ever since she lost her other half. "I'm waiting." ONGOING


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Trapped in another world called Teyvat, in order to get out. You travel with Aether and Paimon to find the truth of that world. Unaware of a large harem of yanderes created for yourself. !! Trigger warning !!: Stalking, Assault, Trauma, Cannibalism, Psychological horror and sexual stuff, this book is called mature for a reason. (STARTED: March 27, 2021) Genshin Impact and Honkai Impact By Hoyoverse ─ Artworks in this book are not mine ─ Some featured characters belong to my online friends ─ Fanfiction by Hazelnutsu • For concerns about my books message me through Instagram i don't pay attention to comments alot due to the amounts of it, my username is on my account description


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Satoshi Mitsuru, a high school student in a prestigious private school of Goldenberg. Has everything including depression and trauma. As his saying goes: "I'm stressed, depressed and somehow blessed." Not only is his family well known and wealthy as fuck, he also has the talent to back it up. He also likes to read, and so god said: "Oh how fucking nice, want me to send you to the novel you just read?" "No-" "To bad, you don't have a choice!" *Insert magic and stuff* WARNING: No drama just classic romance harem which has... yuri and yaoi homophobes you have been WARNED!!! (Ps. Sometimes thou shan't listen to one's bullshi-)


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