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A Path Hidden From Others (bullied infinite male reader x crossover)

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you live in a world of quirks,semblances, and sacred gears. you (y/n) have a hidden power that you keep a secret causing you to be bullied. what happens if you suddenly snap and this power tries gains control of you?

(I only own the story not the characters or the animes they came from)
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"You heroes think humans are weak..always leaving the weak, only help relay with their bodies lack the phyical abilities of Sacred Gear/Quirk/Semblance/Ninja Art. But I ain't posses any of those. You heroes are all false, world of good and evil, light and darkness, Yin and Yang. Thinking toy need a license to be a hero and defend yourself. That's a load of crap, don't worry. You'll get what's coming." "I chose my own path! That's it and that's all" Crossover Harem X Abused and Neglected DMC Male reader Y/N has been mistreated by almost everyone in the Union Academy for not having the same power as them, so he got expelled for being "useless". So he left for 4 years to have more power. He's has the blood of Sparda and son of Dante. Y/N is the Ultimate Sparda. He will challenge the world. Either Hero or Villain.


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(THIS WILL BE A REMAKE OF MY FIRST EVER STORY) (IF A CHAPTER IS MARKED WITH A * SYMBOL, THEN IT HAS BEEN ALTERED FROM IT'S ORIGINAL STATE) In Age 759, Son Goku and Chi-Chi had their second child, a boy they named Son Y/N. Unlike his brother, Y/N trains with Goku, growing stronger than Gohan or even Goku. After several years of battles, Y/N meets a young saiyan punk from Universe 6 named Caulifla. What will happen when these two meet? Read to find out? STORY ARCS: TOURNAMENT OF DESTROYERS ARC: Chapters 1-8 PLANET SADALA ARC: Chapters 9-12 TOURNAMENT OF POWER ARC: Chapters 13-36 ZAMASU ARC: Chapters 37-54 BROLY ARC: Chapters 55-62 N.W.H ARC: Chapters 62-67 PLANET-EATER MORO ARC: Chapters 68-89 GRANOLAH THE SURVIVOR ARC: Chapters 89-108 SUPER HERO ARC: Chapters 109-114 END OF Z ARC: Chapters 115-117 (FINALE)


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Born with a cursed relic that was never meant to be used by anyone. Doomed to have his mind break with every use. Where will The Insanity's life take him after the relic activates? There's only one way to find out... Note: I only own my OC(s). Any other OCs belong to their respective owners. Any franchises/videos/images/songs used belong to their respective owners.


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this isn't much of a story its more of a place for any fandom such as RWBY, MHA, Kill La Kill, Etc to come and react to Y/n L/n.


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Y/N was a odd individual Y/N could talk but for some strange reason he choose not too and no one knows why. he was a silent but kind soul who cares about his childhood freinds adora and catra. but when something happens that makes the silent soul snap it turns him into a unfeeling machine with no remorse. can his freind bring him back to his old ways or will he be corrupted by his silent rage and hatred because you know the saying......... silent but deadly.


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you have always considered yourself a loose cannon of the rose family and wanted to keep to yourself but your family wants you to be a family with them.......... all except tai that is. so what happens when one day he's pushes you too far and awakens something even grimm will be scared off..... beware the dark mist that clouds the clear sky's.


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Male!ReaderxRWBY For thousands of years after yami stopped using exodia, exodia himself started to grow lonely and miserable locked away with no one using him for any purpose so he broke his bonds and one after another did something no one expected. create life. but his sons and daughters hated it in the void with him so they promptly attacked their creator hoping for freedom. this would go on for thousands of years and exodia would then make his final creation, You, y/n l/n and you would not follow in the footsteps of your predecessors would you?


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Yu-Gi-Oh Zexal is my favorite series in Yu-Gi-Oh. I was re-watching Zexal and decided to make this fanfiction. The main character in this story will use an E-Hero deck, because I want the main character to have a different summoning method than anyone else, plus I re-watched the 2 duels between Jaden Yuki and Aster Phoenix and had the idea that the main character should use E-Heroes. I hope you enjoy this fanfiction, it'll probably be a short one and by the way, the deck I have is a Predaplant deck.


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After the Horus Heresy many millennia when the legions were split and soon now the imperium knowns only war. The emperor now entombed on the golden throne. Saw a certain legion of his son who are not giving up on the imperial truth and fight on. The emperor uses his immense power to get his son back reborn in a far of world named Remnant. How will it react when the reborn Primarch of the 21st legion.