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A Child's Life in the foundation in a strange world (Scp / Y/n )

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Why is there a (another) child doing at the foundation, let's see and find out shall we :)
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Asner Graves was a child who regained the memories of his past life. Followed after that was the arrival of his so called golden finger "the system". In this world, he saw no reason to use his ability. Instead, he just wanted to live his life normally and fulfill his dreams. But one day, his assumptions is proven wrong and his rose tinted view of the world shattered. Who would thought that he would be reincarnated in one of the most dangerous world to exist out there?


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I'm doing this because I want to rest on my first book for awhile, I won't do the Azur Lane react to Half-Life until I finished my Exam next week. (all arts on this book like the cover does not belong to me, it belongs to their original creator. Also Fate and SCP does not belong to me, it belongs to the original creator of the series!) Note #1: I Will Keep The Cussing To A Minimum Unless It Was From The SCP File Itself. Note #2: If You Don't Like The Book, Don't Force Yourself To Read It. Got rank #1 on fateseries, somehow - 2 December, 2021. (Azur Lane react to Half-Life idea has been scrapped by the way.) In the black void of space, there are lights followed by a lot of voice that are in panic, and confused as to why they are here, then an entity appears and said to them that they are going to watch about a secret organisation that are very secretive even the Mage's Association don't know they exist, that is the SCP Foundation, they are going to learn the horrors that the Foundation had kept from entering public and about the Foundation itself. (Disclaimer: I don't own SCP and Fate, they belong to their respective owners.)


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Life seemed to enjoy screwing you over. You thought getting dropped in another dimension was absurd at this point. You couldn't even die properly! [SCP X Reader] (From my Quotev account: I'm Not Here I Swear [NekoInu]) (Formerly titled "Anomalous")


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How far would you go for revenge Izuku yagi dead mother neglected by his father abused by his sister and friends and for what? Just because he was quirkless his only saving grace was a girl called Mina ashido but that saving grace didn't last she had to move at the age of 7 izuku couldn't take it anymore and ran away he stole money from his father and went to America where he found 2 things there a book and friends from the other side Que tan lejos irรญas por venganza Izuku yagi madre muerta abusado por su padre, hermana y amigos y ยฟpara quรฉ? Solo porque no tenรญa un quirk, su รบnica gracia salvadora fue una chica llamada Mina ashido, pero esa gracia salvadora no durรณ, tuvo que mudarse a la edad de 7 aรฑos, izuku no pudo soportarlo mรกs y se escapรณ, le robรณ dinero a su padre y se fue. a Amรฉrica donde encontrรณ 2 cosas allรญ un libro y amigos del otro lado


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"Y/N I'm sorry-" "Sorry?! You're sorry?! You're the one person in the world that I trusted not to do something like this to me! You're the person I trusted the most! I've had no one! I've had nothing! Why of all things did you decide to do this to me?! For once in my life I gain something I care about, many things I care about, then you turn around and try to take them away! Why?! Why?! WHY?!" "I didn't mean to do it!" ".....You didn't...mean to...Don't say know what..." Turning your body away from the person you once knew your eyes fall to the cracked concrete under your feet as your knees weaken from the confrontation and your body suddenly weighs down with exhaustion, shakiness clutching your larynx into nothing but a small fragile whisper. "...I...I never want to see you again..." Book 2 of +Positive+ ReaderxJimin Fanfiction All Credits for original Cover Photo go to BTS and BIGHIT Entertainment


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