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Aşk Laftan Anlamaz- The Tale Goes On

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Being a huge Aşk Laftan Anlamaz/ Pyaar Lafzon Mein Kahan fan, I could not stop wondering about what would have happened in those 5 years. Considering there were a lot of loose ends in the show, I will try to tie them all together in this story. And the biggest perk of writing this story is that I get to write about HayMur's pregnancy and parenting journey. Let's give HayMur many more beautiful moments they deserve. Want to know how things unfolded for Doruk, Asli, Ipek, Kerem, Derya, Tuval, Cemil and the rest of the characters? Read along! Happy Reading ;)
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A love letter to Nazlı and Ferit - spotlight on those favourite scenes, expanding them and imagining some brand new scenes too. Exploring the 'far side' of the full moon: the parts we didn't get to hear or see in the Turkish dizi 'Dolunay'. Each chapter is a stand-alone and aligns to the plot of the show, just adding in more romance/ angst/ cuteness - so skip to your favourite bölüm if you want! Credit for the overall storyline and inspiration goes to the writers, director, and Can Yaman and Özge Gürel.


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It was love at first sight for both of them. Though they never accepted this, but it was there. They felt that spark when the very first time their eyes met. This is my take on the story of Reyhan and Emir. Hope you guys like this.😊


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A journey of romance and unspoken desires...which are ignited by sacrifice and love #1 in #apnatimebhiaayega 20-01-22 #5 in #engineering out of 3.77k 20-01-22 -


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What if there was no promise in "The promise"? After the mother's death Reyhan is left all alone. Hikmet, who considers her to be his niece, decides to take the girl to Istanbul, where she will study at the university. Secretly, he hopes that his long-standing dream of marrying their children with the Meryem will come true and that Hikmet's son, Emir, a burner and narcissistic egoist, will fall in love with Reyhan. Meanwhile, in Istanbul, Javidan wastes no time and persuades Emir to get engaged to his childhood friend Cemre, because this union promises great benefits from the merger of the holdings Tarhun and Jemre's father. In the midst of the engagement, Hikmet brings Reyhan to the house, and from the first glance at her, Emir realizes that he hastened with the decision to marry. Every day he is more and more attracted to Reyhan and he goes crazy with jealousy, seeing that there are many fans around her at the university. Emir realizes that he has fallen in love. But will Reyhan respond to his feelings? Epigraph: "We will be comprehended only by what is prescribed to us by Allah. He is our Patron. And let the believers trust in Allah alone." (9:51)


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Events leading up to and following the tragic beach dinner date (episodes 39-41) still haunt both Emir and Reyhan. Reyhan has no idea why Emir is so angry, but she refuses to give up on her marriage. Emir is confused at who his wife really is. Is she the manipulative gold digger the evidence shows her to be, or does she actually have a heart of gold? But after an unexpected illness strikes, will any of that even matter anymore? Will Emir have a change of heart when he faces the possibility of truly losing her?


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My third ZeyBar story will bring you into the world of an ordinary girl with big dreams and a man who has everything - career, success, power. Their story begins on a normal day, when they meet in a less normal way. Enjoy ❤


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Zoya was expecting a marriage proposal from her boyfriend but things didn't go as she thought they would and she was left disappointed. With no one in her life except her sister and her friends, she's eager to have a family, to have a home that she'd want to go to. Then she meets an old flame of hers in a trip with her friends. Aditya Hooda, her school crush ( which didn't last much long back then) but things are brewing differently now. Embarrassed to tell her soon-to-be married bestfriend about the stupid break up she just had, Zoya chose silence and thinking of her being taken, Aditya chose backing off. This one's just a fluffy rom-com story about second chances and wrong decisions that I'm gonna write inspired by a few contemporary Romantic comedy books this pandemic had made me read.


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(lets vote and comment) This story is spin off from famous Turkish series Sen Cal Kapimi ( You Knock My Door). This story begin with the main issue of Serkan get angry to Eda after he know that his old friend also his rival business is get their architect design which has been release and been legalized by Eda. the misunderstanding comes between them. How the design get to Kaan Karadag?


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Edser one-shots. Enjoy!❤️