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30 Day OTP Challenge - Scotty/Chekov

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30 Drabbles for 30 Days of Chekov and Scotty- my OTP <3
Okay so I probably won't stick to the days but I still really want to try it!!
May be you like?


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Isabella Williams wanted all her life to work for Starfleet in their Advanced Weaponary department. When she graduates top of her class she is assigned to the U.S.S. Enterprise to work on the bridge as the main weapons expert. But when Vulcan gets attacked will she able to withstand the storm it brings? Will she find love?


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Arinya Young is a 24 year old woman and one gem of a person. She is humble, extremely gorgeous and a remarkably smart woman. However, life had been pretty unfair to her since her childhood. Ashton King is a 27 year old billionaire and CEO of one of the biggest companies of New York, King Architecture & Designs. He has got the looks to die for and holds that aura of dominance that nobody tries to even think of crossing paths with him. He might be powerful and ruthless for the world but is actually the most caring and affectionate towards his loved ones. But when destiny binds these two poles apart souls together, will they ever fall in love?


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Just random Haikyu smuts


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McKirk one shots


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"Will you marry my Groom, Hazel?" Indy asked me. "Are you out of your mind?" "I know you love him, please marry the devil." ~~~ Hazel Evan had been in love with her best friend's hot and irresistible fiancΓ©, Tristan Hendrix, for a few years now. Never did she expect to receive the proposal from his supposed bride, to get married to her Prince Charming. What if it turned out to be a terrible idea? What if she regretted her action? What if she had dug her own grave to hell? But wait... What if this devil actually had developed secret feelings for her? What if she was able to create a heart for herself in the ribcage of this heartless sexy devil?


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STORY 1- Story of Yuvraaj Viraat Pratap Singh and Ms. Amaira Sharma Yuvraj Viraat , a born ruler, who is the Governor of Rajasthan and the crown prince as well. He values nothing more than his family and his people. He is known to be ruthless to the people who are on his bad side. A name which brings shivers down the spine of wrong doers. He is a man who has the heart of every girl of India and is not unknown of his effect on girls, since he has them swooning all over him, and yet he has never touched a woman. He is a family man and wants a wife, not some fling. Amaira Sharma, a kind hearted girl who has no family so she tries to find love by helping others. She is a girl who is unaware of her own beauty as she had no one to tell her how mesmerizing she is.Her main motive in life is to spread happiness all around. STORY 2- Story of Yuvraaj Udayveer Singh and Princess Samaira Pratap Singh A man who got nothing easily, a man who lost his family as a young child, someone who is loved by all as well as called the devil by all. A Little princess who was the most pampered and yet the most innocent, a princess who was born with a silver spoon and yet the most humble one. How is it possible that the devil is notattracted by an innocent beauty? STORY 3- Yuvraaj Samraat - coming soon HIGHEST RANKINGS- #3 in Rajasthan ( 451 stories ) #29 in marriage (58.6K stories) #28 in Possession (3.6k stories) #2 in intimate (1.6k stories) #4 in Shy (9.2k stories)


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When Tomioka goes on a mission and doesn't come back for a week, nobody thinks much of it. Especially Sanemi. Hell, he's even excited that he doesn't have to see the smug bastard for a while. But when Rengoku comes back from a mission with a bloody and unconscious Tomioka, Sanemi realizes that everything is not okay and there is a demon that has to be murdered pronto. Shinobu feels the same. Alternative Summary Tomioka was like a puzzle that Sanemi just couldn't seem to solve. No matter what he did there was always a piece missing and everytime Sanemi tried to find it, it just moved further away. It frustrated Sanemi to no ends. What was it that made Tomioka the way he is? It's not like Sanemi can just ask him. Not like he would, even of he was here. Sanemi would die before he asked Tomioka for something. part two is in the making :)


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There are three things that can hurt some-one when pushing them to their limits or making them feel pain: emotional, physical, and mental. Sometimes the last part can hurt more than the physical, and sometimes, just sometimes, but perhaps rarely this ever happens, you get the wrong version of the mind inhabiting it.