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Being a street fighter isn't easy, and neither is being Ariel Chateau. Ariel Chateau is the girl with a big secret. Constantly getting bullied, she doesn't want anyone to find out. She can barley trust anyone and with the possibility of her foster brother getting out of jail, she would rather not test her luck. Gentleness is something Ariel isn't familiar with--all her life all she has ever known is pain. So what happens when the four bad boys invite themselves into Ariels home and life?


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"Ye Ishq hai meri aarzu. Ye ishq muhjhme samata hai. Ye ishq meri deewangi hai. Main ishq se nahi ishq mujhse hai. Ek baar agar main kisipe fanaa ho jaun toh haath chuth sakta hai par saath nahi." ~Sidharth Singhania "Mere sapne bhi ab rooh ki bediyon se lagte hain. Apne bhi ab apne se nahi lagte. Zimmedariyon ne bandha hai ya rishton ne? Iss ek tarfa farz ko nibhate nibhate kab sapne ne dum tod diya pata bhi na chala... Aaj peeche mud kar dekhti hu toh lagta hai vo deewani si ladki jiske chehre se muskaan nahi hat ti thi vo koi aur hai. Kya aaj bhi koi hai jo meri udaan ko pankh dega?" ~Shehnaaz Nanda Shehnaaz Gill is a passionate and trained dancer who couldn't live her dreams because of the cages that our society creates for a girl. She got married at an early age to a rich businessman Abhijeet Khurana and her dreams somehow drowned deep into restrictions. A cheerful and happy girl now fakes a smile every single time. On the other hand Sidharth Singhania is a big shot and handsome singer and lyricist whose work defines the kind of presence he carries on people. He owns his actions and is a man of his words. His viewpoints about life are an inspiration for many. The discipline he follows is still a dream for people to achieve. How will destiny bring these two together? Is it a fairytale which will find its happily ever after? What's their story? There are many questions but the answers are only inside the book. Wait for it to unfold. It's a journey of hope, dreams and the meaning of true love and true living. Hop in to be a part of this journey.


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A love story between two college students..every things happens a pretty junior bumps onto a handsome senior..what will happen? Read the story to find out.. *top tae* *bottom kook* *don't put hate comments* *grammar errors* *english is not my first language* *no hate to any character in the story* *only a fiction* (This book got deleted..but since I had this saved in my laptop fortunately, I thought to write plz support again)


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- Straight girly boys and curious girls with boy names make for an interesting year - After facing a year from hell, Tommie grant and her family make the move from Arizona to Washington. Trying to keep her sights on the positive, Tommie makes an effort to adjust to her new life, but finds that process disrupted when she wakes up one morning to a half naked boy yelling in the street. Little did she know meeting Sebastian Tucker would be the equivalent to meeting the devil himself. *Warning: This book contains themes of violence, sexual situations, mental illness, and overall adult language. Please read with caution.*


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Malaysia Scott 17, A shy girl growing up in New Orleans that was the totally opposite, with a mother who didn't care about her well being to a father who was locked up. Malaysia had to find her way out the hood will her goal change when she meets the drug lord Rakeem Hall? Rakeem Hall 21, Was feared by all no one in their right mind would ever cross him, Rakeem had the lifestyle everyone craved for the money, the fancy cars, the extravagant trips, the exotic ladies he could possibly ask for. That is till he run into a young Malaysia who catches his eye. Will Rakeem get the girl he wants or will temptation beat him to it?


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Aubrey Adams is used to getting anything she wanted, and making everything to her way. All that is changed when she's forced to get a job as a nanny for Miami's most wealthiest and powerful family; the Ross's. Anthony Ross just had to be insanely attractive, but is it worth wrecking a "happy" home? A/N: I advise this book to mature audiences; almost every chapter contains explicit content (sexual scenes, bad language, violence, etc)