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these girls are some cuties, and I ship them so much, so naturally. I had to make a oneshot book of them.

there might be some other ships thrown into the oneshots, but it will be mostly focused on Diakko.
May be you like?


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just a bunch of random pics and comics overfilling my gallery that i am willing to share(brag). i dont own little witch academia or any of these pics. credits to the rightful owner.


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β‡’After the recent 'saving the world' events, everything seemed to be back to normal. But can it be said the same for Akko and Diana? Diana and Akko both have grown quite close, that's for sure...but how close are they? Find out as the witches indulge in something that could be more than friendship~ β‡’Credits to @karely_arts for the cover. Go check them out! β‡’TW: This story might contains depictions of violence, gore and abuse. Viewer discretion is highly advised.


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The world is less dependant on the magic even more after the industrial revolution and all the advancement of mechanics, was something that magic did not follow by part of the closed mentality of some witches, but that little by little this was changing, with the arrival of the 21st century things were really moving so that technology and magic walk together, but still had a fear about the governments by the power of witches who tried by all means to control the power of them, but this was not a problem for the Cavendish family who lived in a country where they had no restrictions on magic. Marianne Kagari Cavendish the daughter of Atsuko Kagari and Diana Cavendish a couple of former broom racers and current teacher and headmistress of the renowned witch academy, Luna Nova. She is the protagonist in this journey about an age of magic that is about to take its first steps together with her friends. The brown-haired girl will mature, grow, become more powerful, go through good and bad moments in events that will totally change the life of a girl who only expected to have a normal life as a teenager and daughter of witches


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A series of one-shots brought to you by Diakko.


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I'm probably not gonna take requests, but am open to hearing any scenarios you'd like to share with me. I often times will get into a fandom for a period of time and go searching for fanfics and find none so here's just a compilation of the fanfics that I wanted by nobody wrote. I do not own the characters in these stories, only the writings themselves belong to me.


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It doesn't matter whether the oneshot is long or not. It's still Diakko/Dianakko Created by: L


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I don't know what to put here but this is a Yuri Harem and my very first fanfic story