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➽─❥ "Ahah! Then I guess the game is on." "...What game...?" "Whoever gets Y/Oc is victorious." "...Sure. Game on then." ➽─❥ Not as if you were a weeb or anything...however...expectations for a new semester at a Japanese school were slightly too high. It's your first official day being a transfer to an actual Japanese academy, Hope's Peak. An entire semester experiencing a new culture, new friends, and a new life. But as time goes on...you start to realize something...off about everyone...something...rather unnerving. Both Kokichi and Kiibo seem to be hiding something behind their lies and love. This is my second book written, so there are beginner mistakes at the beginning. Please excuse this! The rest of the book is better, I swear. ➽─❥ Love Game | Yandere Kokichi x Reader x Yandere K1-B0

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[ONGOING] When y/n saw an unusual looking person take the newly constructed house infront of hers, his dark personality and greyish blue orbs made her wonder more about him. She was more surprised to know that the boy goes to the same school as her and he soon becomes the mysterious guy of the school that every girl has a crush on. Her friends and family and whoever she spent time with goes missing one by one. The only person she would always find helping her is the same mysterious boy. She wonders how he seems to know everything. She is now scared and petrified. She wants to know whats happening but can never know because of the Mysterious boy.

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Book 1 (Y/N) has had to start YET another school after being expelled AGAIN! Having to fend for herself she finds a job at a run down bar just out of town in (T/N) where she sings part time after school. During her stay in school she discovers an unknown secret... it's a demon school. How on earth did she end up here? And why does she keep feeling as if she were being watched?.. Story progress; Complete In this series; Book 2: http://my.w.tt/UiNb/xUydrooimt Book 3: http://my.w.tt/UiNb/3nXSY326lt Book 4: https://www.wattpad.com/360635823-yandere-wars-my-yandere-romance-chapter-one

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"How can I live with this pain? How can I overcome my sadness? My heart is now shattered into pieces... now she went to Heaven without me. I didn't have enough time to tell her how much I love her... and I want her in my side forever until the end of time. We even vowed that we will live and die together... but fate took her away. It left me... Heartbroken. Is there someone I can love? Is there someone I can give my everything? I don't know. But hopefully... surely... I will meet that girl who will love me in her place. I hope my wishes will come true. I hope that she will love me the same as my love have loved me..." (May contain inappropriate scenes not suitable for young readers. Readers should be 15+)

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SHIPS Tododeku Kiribaku Kamisero YANDERES Shoto Katsuki Hanta Note The first 3 chapters are shorts... So dont be confused why are there short

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Your life changed the day you were requested to have an audience with the two reclusive princes of your kingdom. They want you...for many reasons. They're deceptive, intelligent, and willing to do anything to keep you with them. No one is off limits Best rank: #1 in Yandere!

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➽─❥ "Oooh, Shuichi likes someone!" "W-What?! No...We're just friends...in fact, we've only met today!" "So? That means love at first sight!" ➽─❥ It's your first year going to Hope's Peak, the best school around the whole world. They only select the best students, and somehow, you got in. You ran into a young boy named "Shuichi Saihara" and became friends very easily. He appeared to be a kind and generous boy without any troubles...Though things twist and turn when you create bonds with other people in the school, and it comes across as if Shuichi is jealous. I mean, there's nothing else going on in Shuichi's mind that could damage friendship...That certainly couldn't be the case... This is the first readerxyandereperson Wattpad that I completed, so I hope you enjoy. It may contain some beginner errors, though I will not be editing the chapters majorly. ➽─❥ A Detective's Case | Yandere Shuichi x Reader

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(Y/n)'s life has been uneventful since she's transferred to a new school a few months ago. However, with the top class in the school coming to tutor her lower class it brings a whole new issue. The issue: five boys, all instantly becoming attached to her. How will her life be affected?

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... well...... just read and find out

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Y/n L/n is the only girl in a "All boys school." when she saw a shy guy gets bullied, she stands up the bullies and became the shy guy's friend ( his name is Adam) Adam and Y/n became friends but Adam wants Y/n to himself.

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"I Don't Think your small Vampire brains would understand, My scientific ways of speaking." What happens when the characters of Diabolik lovers fall in love with Yui's adopted sister?

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(Y/N) just move to their new house.After her mother enrolled her from her new school she thought that she can make alot of new friends until she meets Ichiro Itsuka who is popular at their school and had a big crush on her and he will do anything just to have her and the question is can she escape from this evil monster who is killing everyone just to have his precious (Y/N). Hey...uhmm so this is my first story so I didn't know if it's good or bad and I'm sorry for the bad grammar hope you like it^^ I don't own any picture in this story so credit to those amazing owner of the picture😊

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You are his love. You are his everything. You are his world. He will do anything for you, protect you, love you harder. He is a YANDERE! Get ready to date with different yandere boys... and be careful. They may KILL YOU!

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Had a bunch of funny ideas on my blog adn made a series about it Dabi X reader x Hawks what happens when your ex boyfriend and current boyfriend are both yanderes

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He had Woman begging at his feet to be his, No one could resist his charms. He had the body, He had the voice, he had the style. He had the job, The only girl he couldn't get was Y/n L/n. He wanted her, He needed her. Fukuyo Takeshi Would do anything to get Her, Even if it is blood he has to spill.