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No one really writes about us, guess it's because they don't know about us though. We are half Bear and half human, we belong to a secret section of all Native American and some Irish tribes. Aneyka is 17 years old turning 18 in a week when she turns 18 her whole life will change including her body but what happens when she finds her mate and it isn't exactly who she imagined? Read to find out!

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This is about the werewolves close cousin, the werebears. i was trying to explain it to a friend so i decided to make a wiki for any other writer or person who wanted to use something unique for stories and rps. Its a slightly original idea I came up With. Of course there are werebears mentioned in other places like skyrim and such. But i wanted to give them a background and a bit more life. Here ya go and Enjoy!

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Coralie was just a normal girl, who was living a normal life in a normal town, with a normal family. Right? WRONG! Nothing about her life was normal. Her family is made up of werewolves and She happens to be the runt of the pack. Now you may think that since she's the runt she must be treated poorly, but that's not the case. Besides a few bullies, the pack treats her quite well. Even though she likes her life, she can't help but feel something's missing.. She wants her mate. But what happens when she finds out her mate is a werebear? They fall in love obviously. Read this book to follow them through their adorable love story that is full of twists and turns, such as war, love, loss, and possibly bear cubs? This is my first ever actual story besides grade school when I wrote about talking food, so if we could keep the hate to a limit that'd be great thanks!! xD

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Layla Rea Merritt has had a terrible childhood sense she was four. Her dad left them for a striper when she was ten, and her mom became a drunk and abuser who came home with different men every other night; and left her alone for weeks on end. All she has to look forward to at 16is her three bestfriends Hazen, Cornena, and violet; and her job at "Paradise Café" of course. All she ever wanted was a better dad. Maybe things would have been different for her. Anthony Storm is a werebear shifter. He moved to South Carolina from Scotland to get away from his past. But it seems his past has found him just as he has found his young mate ( we'll see just how young she is). He tries to keep his distance and watch from afar, but all that did was make her depressed. Werebears and their mates need each other more than air. Now all he can do is protect what is his.

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Abby and Benji have been best friends forever. While Abby is off at college, Benji takes on the new role as Chief of his tribe of bear shifters. When Abby returns home, she discovers that maybe she didn't know all of Benji's secrets after all. Can their friendship survive this startling new chapter? And what happens when Benji finds his mate? #1 in Werebear 9/8/21

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For many generations, folklore legends of beasts, have been passed down by elders and warriors to warn off the youths' recklessness. Told to all children and maidens, they held truth and were considerable lessons of lurking dangers. Though as new stories came about justice, their intentions grew weaker down the descendants. Now only sought as just bedtime stories, unbeknownst to travelers, an uncanny event unravels in the high mountain. A threat awakens from its long slumber, and the scent of its mate is clearly in the air. p.s this is dedicated to one of my close friends who helped me with some parts of the story.

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Eli the betas son of an enormous pack of bears Grace the girl who grew up with no knowledge of werebears.....until she becomes one. The romance and war that tells their story ? extraordinary. read, comment, love or hate, let me know...... - your author.

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Mike a lonely 27 year old human male living up in the Appalachian mountains is depressed due to covid lockdown and the loneliness is starting to get to him so he decides to go for a bit of a hike he loves the outdoors and being out in the wildlife makes him feel less alone and he loves taking photos as well but mike doesn't know just how much his decision to take a walk on this day would change his life forever...... Find out if the changes to mikes life are good or bad or somewhere in the grey area in my first story ever werebear love

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The Canadian wilderness. A vast forest filled with animals large and small. Wolves, deer, mountain lions, moose, lynxes... and bears. This is the story about a bear. Not just any bear but a polar bear, the largest carnivore on the planet. More specifically, Avery Nanuk a polar bear shifter. Avery Nanuk lives a calm peaceful life as a school nurse working in a school built just for shifters like him. He was found as a cub out in the woods many years before and was adopted into a small wolf pack up in the northern reaches of Canada. Avery has grown up as the only bear shifter in the area and has grown used to the fact of living alone. All Avery wants is a normal and peaceful life living out in the woods in his cozy little cabin and his outdoor swimming pool. But the fates have something else in store. The fates send a bear sized wrecking ball into Avery's once peaceful life. And that wrecking ball's name is Rick Kodiak. *WARNING: THIS STORY IS MANXMAN! DON'T LIKE IT! DON'T READ IT! PLEASE RESPECT THIS STORY AND DO NOT WRITE HATEFUL COMMENTS! ALL OTHERS, ENJOY!

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"Little fox i suggest you stop teasing" "Or what" !!!WARNING!!! This book contains triggers such as abuse and suiside, as well as mentions of both. READ AT YOUR OWN RISK!! Please enjoy!

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*Short story* 35 years old, unmated, werebear Dima Misha has lost all his hope of ever finding his mate. Sulking around bars and making his mother's head in during his drunken stupors, after seventeen years he finally accepted his mateless fate, but his mother wasn't going to accept it. The crazy witch, yes, witch, because she is a literal witch, dragged him out of his cave by his bear's ear and hauled him all the way back to her house where she performed a spell that sucked him inside a weird vortex and next thing Dima knows, he is landing butt naked on his mate's bed. Poor Oksana was bedridden with fever when a naked man fell on top of her. She didn't even have the strength to scream if it wasn't her sister coming inside her room with a tray of soup and screaming for her.

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Blue - werebear, new widow, Mama Bear, crazy family. Jack - werewolf, twice rejected, Beta, crazy family. Mates?! First in a series of five short stories.

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Jaden wanders the furthest reaches of the wilderness to try and find a way to reconnect, but instead, he finds something and someone much more powerful. Arlow and Peat are reclusive. They don't go toward people, and people don't know where they are. There's a world out there that Jaden may not be prepared to face, especially with his new found fear of Bears. A story about love, darkness and healing. This is a were bear story. This is a mature mxm story Read the tags

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Danny is the next alpha in his pack. Before he gets to be the alpha he must find his mate, but what if his mate doesn't want him. When he finds his mate, Danny quickly realizes that his mate is not so open minded as Danny wished he was. Then again that's not the worst of his problems as his beta's mate shows up bringing with him all the curses of his past. The pack which is hunting him starts appearing, trying to get their prey.

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"You will be coming to my pack with me." he said grabbing me by my waist, "No." I refused. "No?" he asked. "No." I answered, nervously. "Fine then, I'll just have to take you against your will." he said. "Y-y-ou can't do that," I stuttered. "Oh yes I can Talia." he said. *** Natalia Romano, an Innocent looking girl who is not afraid to speak her mind. Her name itself held power, she could make all the devils turn their heads when she walks in. She is smart, rebellious, wild, anything but innocent. Alpha De'Russo. Nobody really knows his name, just pure mystery. He doesn't have a heart, but will he be able to love?