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Clarkes missing three months in the wilderness after Mount Weather.

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Most The 100 fan fictions are normally high school or based on the storyline....what if it was a mixture of both?? Minus the 2headed-deer and reapers of course... Clarke Griffin has a secret life within her own life; a life which she wishes to fix. New relationships are built within days, built with her secrets. Will they stay hidden and will she keep her new companions out of the loop?? Or Will she spill her guts and beg for help?? Obviously I can't tell you because it would spoil the book, so now you have to decide if this blurb was crappy enough to make you skip the book or did the picture fascinate you to read it Instead ( if you don't get bored- fingers crossed you won't) DISCLAIMER: I do not own any of the characters in this book⚫️⚫️ © 2016 multi_ships All Rights Reserved

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Clarke is a nightblood training to be the next commander, she's taken off guard when a ship comes to the ground destroying her life and making her go into leadership to soon. A bellarke fan fic

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"They want the commander of death, they got her." Clarke runs. As far away as she can from anything and everything. She's Done. She can't handle the burden of being a leader anymore. But her people need her, she comes back a year later but she's not the same Clarke Griffin she used to be she's known as Wanheda the commander of death and she's ready to command.

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What if Clarke wanted Lexa to feel what she felt when she betrayed her at the mountain? Well read and find out. And there is a child in all this as well.

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Just random memes and pictures (I found some on the internet and some I made) Don't hesitate to tell me if I repeat something

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Clarke Griffen has never been understood but anyone when she was on the ark her home she was imprisoned by her own people, her mother had her father killed on purpose, then when brought on earth her people banish her and call her an outcast. so what happens to clarke on her way while exploring this new land? who will she meet? and will the people she meet become her allies or enemies.

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Part 1: Hiccup runs away with Toothless when Gobber announces that he will be killing the Monstrous Nightmare. Three years later, he flys back to Berk when he finds out one of his mortal enemies plan to invade it and kill everyone he loves. Will he succeeded? How will the village react? Part 2: It's been two years since with war with BloodFury but now they have a new threat to the dragons, Drago Bludvist and Hiccup has to stop him. Along his journey he finds out his mother is still alive and is the one who has been attacking Drago, however Valka has been getting help with this...who could it be?

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"Are you serious?" "No...I'm Lily." For seventh years James Potter, Sirius Black, Remus Lupin and Peter Pettigrew, October only means one thing (and it's not Halloween, or the first month in like six years the full moon comes out twice, or the Fail At Asking Out Lily Evans Week): The annual Marauder Prank-Off. (this did not start out intending to be jily or wolfstar but hey shit happens)

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After Lexa betrayal and the destruction of the mountain men Clark heads back to camp Jawa and takes command. Clarks mother Abbey is no longer looked upon as the leader. As Clark first action as the Chancellor she dissolves the council telling her people that bickering about their problems will only lead to their destination. Clark takes absolute power. Her friends miss the old Clark but understand that she must be ruthless but fair. Clark set up a system of laws and their punishments. Murder Rape and lying to her will result in death and any other crime will result in lashings. Clark people were not the only ones who respected and feared her. As the news spread of what had happened at mount Weather and what Clark did they gave her a new title Wanheda. But as the sky people begin to prosper a new enemy raise and will Clark and Lexa be able to fix their relationship even after her betrayal. You'll have to read and find out.

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"I know Time-Turning is a thing of the past, but I hope we aren't." It's year four for Albus Severus Potter, who has gained popularity over the summer from the stories of the defeat of the Augurey, and his best friend Scorpius Malfoy, who returns to school with several dark secrets. This year, there's a surprise waiting at Hogwarts-the Triwizard Tournament. And there are whispers, whispers of a dark presence lurking in the forest, whispers that everything he thinks he knows is wrong. Between the Ilvermorny Champion Max James, Albus's new friend Emma Carthowler, and his best friend Scorpius Malfoy, Albus faces the Augurey once again and learns that every happy ending isn't necessarily perfect. (Completed September 5th, 2016) 11/17/2020-hey guys, it's me!! i'm 20 now and can totally acknowledge that some stuff in this story was fucked up such as the fact that max was a very obvious self insert. it's also very dramatic. i reread it this afternoon and here are some thoughts -y'all like......really hate emma, huh. yeah she was put there as a plot device but she's a person. who didn't do anything wrong. and there are like seven death threats toward her every time she speaks -yeah i'm massively bisexual and so is everyone in this story except scorpius who is just straight up gay -you can't hate emma in one breath and then in the next ship her with max. that's weird and reeks of fetishization. stop it -yes i liked twenty one pilots when i was sixteen no i don't like them anymore -no i'm not american, i'm canadian, i lived in the states for a while so that was my political shitshow frustration thanks guys for still reading this, please don't judge it too harshly because i was a kid and i promise my writing has improved since then!! if you want to get in touch with me since i don't use this account anymore follow the link in my bio

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(Sequel to Lovely) Albus Severus Potter and his boyfriend Scorpius Malfoy are back for year seven at Hogwarts. They're in training to be Aurors when word arises that the Augurey is alive and gaining followers, calling them Flightless Birds. But everything changes when Albus falls victim to a powerful memory charm, forgetting his family, forgetting the Augurey...forgetting Scorpius.

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Samantha is an experiment for WCKD. She is known as the blood cure however her brother, Thomas wanted her to be safe so he sends her into the maze where she meets the gladers and Newt. What will happen to her? How will WCKD get her back? What will happen to Thomas? Will she find love? Read this story to find out. The next 3 fanfic stories will be based on the movies because it's hard to tie Sammy with the book series :)

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Just random memes and pictures (I found them on the internet) Don't hesitate to tell me if I repeat something