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(Will Edit soon) When Evan visits from Canada to North Carolina to see his best friend Jonathan. He finds out some secrets. Over recordings many people would make the ship. The boys would laugh, but never thought about it deeply. And after Jonathan's accident more things come into play. What will happen to the boys? Theme song: Monster - Meg & Dia Completed: 3/12/16 (Do not own VanossGaming or H2ODelirious in any way, it's all for fun and it's of course fiction hence Fanfiction)

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(Y/n) works as a nurse. She was just going on about her day until strange things were happening around her. Next thing she knew, her world was turned around for the worse and the better. She learned to forgive and forget. She learned to trust.

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This is a story about a girl named y/n. Y/n is a girl who loves crime. She works alone on mission and robberies. But what happens when someone finds out she's one of the best criminals.... *FINISHED/COMPLETE* But... There's a sequel! I don't own anything.

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{IN EDITING} (Y/n) (L/n), born in Los Santos, raised by the streets. When drugs and murder become her new way of life, she embraces it with open arms. But when she meets the Crew it's like a whole new world has been opened for her. Secrets and betrayal are two words in her vocabulary she knows VERY well. But who's secrets become unveiled? Who betrayed who? Why so many questions? ***Preview*** ""He.. he got shot." My eyes snap to Tyler who has a look of sadness on his face." ** ""She's high." Delirious states." ** "His grip tightens slightly and he pulls me ever so closer and or noses brush slightly. We both begin to look back and forth between each other's lips and we slowly lean in to close the gap between us." ** "He falls to the floor, knocked out cold with a broken nose and busted lip. Tears stream down my face as I grab my bag and just deciding to jump out of the window instead." *** WARRING THE PROLOGUE IS NOT FOR THE FAINT HEARTED! THIS BOOK CONTAINS SWEAR WORDS AND GORE! MAY BE TRIGGERING TO SOME PEOPLE NEEDLES AND BLOOD IS MENTIONED! READ AT YOUR OWN RISK!!

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Includes Youtubers such as Vanoss, MiniLadd, Ohmwrecker, Fitz, Kryoz and many more! Contains both VanossCrew and GBG! Request: open :) WARNING Chapters may include Triggering material. ( I will put a warning in the beginning of the chapter) I POST EVERY FRIDAY! (try to at least)

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vanoss and his friends were going camping when one of them discovered a cave that led to a mysterious object that transported them to an ocean planet. watch as vanoss and his friends must survive on an alien world full of mysterious creatures and technology. disclaimer: i don't own subnautica as it belongs to unknown worlds.

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This story is about a girl name Y/n. She is a famous YouTuber named Hider with about 10 million subscribers. No one knows how she looks like except her gang. Y/n is a gang leader of a crew called the Seekers. But on YouTube she is in the Vanoss crew. But she also played with other famous youtubers like Markiplier, Jacksepticeye, and Pewdiepie. Y/n is in a search for her brothers murder. Little does she know her friends the Vanoss crew also was a gang called the Banana Bus Squad. Pewdiepie, Markiplier, Jacksepticeye, Valentin, Xavier, Y/bff/n, Y/F/n is in her crew soon will probably join.

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Some things get worse before they get better, but in her life it seems as if the better part will never come. Abused, bullied and a life full of hell. But will one individual change all that for her? Rankings: #32 in Vanoss

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You and your twin sister Mya are gamer girls, you guys are YouTubers and not only that, your older brother is non other than H2O Delirious! You get to meet up with all of his friends and one falls for you, and Delirious's bully fall for your sister....how will that s end? Read and find out

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One shots of your favorite youtubers! The vanoss crew! Requests are always welcome, just private message me! (/T_T)/ (•-•)/ (-_-) - I - I / \ ----------------- O O ++ L ++ ____ ----------------- Cover made by @happihoodini

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After playing with all of their friends, Delirious falls asleep and gets suck in GTA V. Also so does the rest of his friends. Including the guy he liked for a long time, Vanoss.

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Life was amazing while living in Los Santos. You had a great job, a nice apartment, lived in a breathtaking city, and life was treating you fairly well. That is, until an encounter with the most feared gang in Los Santos. The Vanoss Crew, as they call themselves, come into your life and wreck it forever. The outcome of it all is a little... Unexpected, to say the least. { ⓒⓞⓜⓟⓛⓔⓣⓔⓓ }

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Vanoss Leader of the gang TIPS. Delirious a Cop as well as a Criminal. "He went from perfect to a dick" "You lied to me" "I'm more than just a cop y'know" "Your a fuckboy" "You don't know me"

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H20Delirious/Jonathan Smith moved away from VanossGaming/Evan Fong which left him heartbroken. Will Evan ever see Jonathan again or he will forever be heartbroken?Will Jonathan remember Evan? This story is gonna have alot of twist but it might be good Well read the story to find out 😄 This is my first book- Ranking #23 in h20vanoss

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This is vanoss crew/ reader type of thing. Bueeee!