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A collection of short fanfics for the infamous ships in EXO. Hunhan, Taoris, Kaisoo, etc etc etc. I, myself, am not a shipper. But I decided to write this for the enjoyment of others. So I hope you like it ;) Each story is individually written one by one and will be posted one after the other. Have fun~

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Like any other teenagers of his age,he scares of lots of stuff,the darkness,cockroaches,death,blood,bully,fat,break up,exam and most importantly,Ghost! But what happen when he meet this particular ghost?

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Tao is hurting and needs an escape... Kris broke Tao's heart... Kai wants to help him... Sehun is Tao's old best friend from 2 years ago and returned... . . . Baekhyun and Luhan get to watch play out like a movie

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You and your friends head to Korea for a chance at a new scenery! What happens when you meet Kai, the gorgeous and popular dancer of EXO-K? Find out! You star as the main character in this fluff fanfic with a limited time to stay with this idol! The story takes place in summer in 2013 (in the future) after EXO has finally released their comeback. This fanfic is written so that the main character fits most people who read this and so you feel as if you're living the story itself! I hope you enjoy~

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"I dalje te volim." I still love you. TaoHun One-Shot/Drabble

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Not all is as it seems. Oh Sehun is the Ice Prince. A man of routine. A boy with absolutely nothing to wish for. Fame, money, influence; he's got it all. He's more assured about his life than most are. In fact, his life consists of one day after the next of unchangeable circumstances. It's a solid line headed for success. Of course, things can't always stay the same. And there's one person who wants to make sure of that. The Oh family receives "threats" on a monthly basis, if not more. But when one turns out to be more real than not, the family takes desperate measures. And in comes Huang Zi Tao. FOREWARD: The boy in the picture was thin and tall, a mess of dyed blond hair fell over his eyes and the tiniest of smiles graced his features. He must have been posing with a friend -- there was an arm around his shoulder and his hand made a lazy peace sign -- but only half of the photo remained. The man holding the photo memorized the boy's features in a matter of seconds and quickly threw it into the flame beside him. He watched as the ember licked up the dry scrap of paper and engulf it in its heat. He almost wanted to smile at the sight. Very soon, that boy would end up just like his picture: simply a pile of ashes and lost memories. "Are you ready?" The man looks up at the person speaking to him. He nods. "Good." The other person replies. "Then you can head off." The man walks away from the already-dying fire, one-hundred percent prepared for whatever outcome would come to him. It would surely be success. Failure wasn't an option. Mission: start. AFF link: http://www.asianfanfics.com/story/view/591064/metal-yaoi-exo-tao-sehun-taohun COVER PHOTO creds: http://kirajaegseun.tumblr.com/post/80281497147/im-a-hypocritical-bastard-he-slips-out-in

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When you were a five-year-old girl, you confessed to a beautiful boy named Lu Han, a talented child four years older than you. Years pass, and Lu Han has long moved away to who-knows-where. You long to see him again. One day, you get a mysterious call that changes everything. Could this be it? The thing you've been waiting for, for 12 years? Cover: creds to http://myungsoo.iloveeyou.com/post/46776828468 Note: this FF isn't meant to be long, and it's a slow-updating fanfic. If my updating becomes TOO slow for you, don't be afraid to ask for an update :P then i'll just hurry up my writing

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What happens when a shy-intovert and fragile Tao meets wild-outgoing-carefree Sehun? Will they fall for each other?

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Sehun just wants to lounge on the couch, but his boyfriend has other plans.

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[TAOHUN] A one-shot in which Sehun appears at Tao's front door in the rain asking for comfort. {I do not own any of the characters in this story, I only own the writing. If one is to publish this story else where, ask me first and leave credit.}

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Nothing feels worse than being purposely ignored by the person you loved the most.

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Taohun Short Story. An AU where Tao gets picked on at school for his looks and for being single. After hours of crying and waking up from a nap he gets a message from an unknown number telling him to click the link so he does.. And it opens to the site called Robo Boyfriend. ~ Inspired by the Madrid drama Absolute Boyfriend💕