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One day, a young singer named Minae was discovered by none other than Jung Hoon, the manager of Super Junior. Jung Hoon thinks that she is talented, so he talks to the SM workers and other managers, after she auditions and passes, but can't find a spot for her. So, what do they do? They put her in with Super Junior!! Minae has to face many problems while in the group, but the guys bolster her spirit back up. Her new guy friends help her get through the hard but easy life of being a part of the group. The only bad part of turning into a celebrity over night and becoming the new member in an all boys group is that she has to get use to the media, anti-fans, and sasaeng fans. Super Junior has a very packed schedule but has all the time in the world to monkey around. Which they do! Super Junior does everything all the young celebrity music groups do: perform, model, party and definitely fall in love.

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23 year old, Kang y/n lives alone with her dad and little sister Eun Jae. Her mother died three years earlier and her dad is slowly starting to open up again after watching his wife slip away from him. Y/n's life is hard as it is, working night and day plus spending her everyday at the university trying to get the best grades. What happens when she meets someone who's older than her by more than 5 years? How will their relationship evolve? It certainly won't be a cake walk. Please be sure to read the sequel, Our Spring: a love is more than a number sequel ❤️

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Sehun's mom had made him clean a millionaire's house and he had no clue what he was in for, he did it as a part time job and the person who he's cleaning the house for was a hot man who was 2 years older than him. The man was called Park Chanyeol and he was quite bossy to Sehun, the younger didn't like it but knew he had to accept it. After a few weeks, chanyeol had been teasing him more about the housework to get on his nerves. one day when sehun snapped, it made chanyeol more in love with sehun but didn't admit it when sehun teased him about it. Who knew that chanyeol would fall for a lower class man...... (Similar plot to EXO next door)

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My first multi kpop book and requests are available :3

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just incorrect suju quotes/texts maybe ships yeah i am a kyuhyun simp Sometimes I edit the quotes when it fits better with other members Here can be any ships even tho i do more mayor ships none of these texts belong to me

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Minae dislikes Christmas, and the only one that knows is her boyfriend, Lee Hyukjae. On Christmas eve, she revisits her past, learns to love Christmas, forgets about her past, and thinks about her future. Although her heart for christmas was small, she made it grow in just a few short hours...

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Since there wasn't one of these existing I might as well make it first :33 Hope u enjoy 🥰

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the title says it all. Requests are taken of any form as long as you have the following: 1) what happens in the story 2) ship

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Lucas had a one night stand with a stranger and as the weeks go on, he felt sick and when he tested positive on a pregnancy test, he freaked out and asked taeyong what he should do. He tried to settle it with him and telling him that everything will be ok. As it comes to his last month, taeyong and ten had offered for him to stay around their house incase he goes into labour alone. After 3 years, he takes his child to get a DNA Test done and when he gets the results, they weren't what he was expecting and saw that it was a member........

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Sehun had invited his close friend baekhyun to his 14th birthday and he brings over his crush and also his bully chanyeol. They had gotten high and less than a month later, he found out he was pregnant with chanyeol's child. How will chanyeol react? How will his parents or even the school react? Will baekhyun and his parents support him or leave him to raise it alone?? read to find out 😄

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Donghae and Siwon have been going out for a few months and they couldn't be happier, but super junior soon become concerned when donghae starts to throw up often. When siwon took Donghae to the doctors they had heard news they weren't expecting, when they told super junior they were shocked at first but then they were happy for the 2. Siwon and donghae had a bond over the older male's pregnancy and they had fell in love with each other even more from this sudden baby, this was a true unexpected family...........

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the title says it all and if you don't like smuts on certain chapters then don't read simple!! (Requests are token as well )

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Please Enjoy this book of imagines and one shots. Requests are now closed. New cover is pending. Rankings; #22 In B2ST #11 In Myname #14 In Baro #23 In Junhyung

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In which the "Kings of the Hallyu Wave" Super Junior have a female member, the "Queen of the Hallyu Wave." Meet Skylar! * Scenarios * Group Chats * Instagram/Twitter Posts * Ships in Group/Outside of Group