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Nati is a senior at Freeridge High and is ready to graduate and move away. But someone from her past comes and changes her mind. Will Nati follow her dreams or stay in Freeridge? *Written in first person* *MATURE CONTENT* *Inspired by On My Block*

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❝Wнαт ιғ I αм нere тo ѕтαy?❞ • • • Indiana (Indy) Wilson was left heartbroken after her father walked out on her and her family. Indiana has always been kind, caring and a goofy person, even after one of the most important people in her life walked out on her and broke her in the worst ways possible. Austin Reed, he is the hottest guy in Lakeview high. He is the star quarterback and the captain of the football team. Austin has always been known as cold-hearted and distant, with his famous death glares and 'I-don't-give-a-fuck' attitude. And there is a reason for him being so cold and distant. But what happens when Austin starts failing in two of the classes Indiana happens to ace in? Austin has no other option but to ask her to tutor him just so that he can play one of the many few important games for the semester. What happens when feelings start to form and insecurities take place? What happens when walls start to break down? Join the journey of Austin and Indiana as they go through all sorts of feelings including: love, jealousy and worst of all doubt. • • • "What if I am here to stay?" she says, her voice so very soft as she stops in front of me. Her head tilted up to look at me because of how tall I am compared to her. "What?" I ask, a bit confused and at a loss of words. "Has it ever occurred to you that I am here to stay? That I want to stay? That I'm meant to stay?" she asks. • • • Cover мαde вy мe! • • • ^*Trιɢɢer Wαrɴιɴɢ^*

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"You know, that blonde girl with bangs?" The royal maknae of the monster rookie group, BLACKPINK, has the longest crush on the golden maknae of BTS. Yes, Lisa's bias is no other than Jeon Jungkook. But Jungkook? Oh, he despises hearing her name. A LISKOOK FANFICTION Copyright © LILIGGUKS All Rights Reserved 2019. Start : 04.27.19 End : 04.17.20 Highest Rankings: #1 in BLACKPINK Lizkook/Liskook Blacktan/Bangpink Lisa #2 in Jungkook #27 in Jirose #31 in Taennie #152 in BTS

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Evie Jones was seemingly in tact. Her life was a representation of perfection. Niall Horan was seemingly self-assured. His life a representation of indifference. On the outside, they were ideal; in no way flawed. But that was the outside- A mirage of falsity. Evie and Niall were platonic. An innocent friendship between two neighbours. But what happens when the outside walls begin to crumble and their built up perfections vanish? Will they step away? Or will they find love and stay? Niall Horan AU - this is fiction. *NOT TRANSLATING* This story will deal with issues that may cause personal triggers - depression, anxiety, and other mental disorders. If you struggle with any of these things, don't hesitate to talk to someone (a professional). You are loved and have a purpose.

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Rose was 22 when she found her soulmate. She was 25 when he found her. - Part of the same universe as my other story An Indescribable Feeling (BTS OT7 + OC soulmate fanfiction) and the OC from that story is mentioned in this story, but you do not need to have read it to understand anything happening here. - #1 skz (26.12.22) #1 idol (15.2.23) #1 hyunjin (5.9.22) #1 leeknow (7.6.22) #2 soulmates (13.2.23) #6 kpop (18.5.22) #12 soulmate (17.4.22)

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Hana Khalil (21 years old) is taken by surprise when a proposal comes to her from the most well-known lawyer who has been her role model for years. In the middle of a chaos, she accepts the proposal, unaware of how much more trouble she had put herself into. It was a an arranged marriage without love. But wait a minute? Will love start to develop along the way. Sahil Aasim (26 years old) is the famous lawyer with a 100% winning percentage of trials. He has got his work to deal with and a child to care for. What nobody knows is the past that haunts him and forces him to be who he is. When he finally meets Hana Khalil, he knows that she is not like every other woman he has met. He needs her by his side. Written: 2021 COMPLETED✔️ #Cover: @thatL0ser❤️

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they grew up together, in one of the protected towns at the bottom of the mountain. then, at 14, they fell in love. they spend almost 4 years together, but just before his 18th birthday, mercer leaves her without a reason, telling her he doesn't love her. now, almost two years later, he comes back, king of the north, and most importantly, her soulmate.

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(Y/n) is a girl who has a passion for going beyond the walls. Getting that breath of air, getting to see the trees and the endless trail of grass. But of course, there was always something in her way, something that was terrifying. She grew up within Wall Maria with her friends Eren, Mikasa, and Armin. They always stuck together no matter what, shared dreams, shared rough times, and they would cry on each other's shoulders... Little did (y/n) know, that would be ripped from her very own hands. But in the end...There is only one ending, and yet everyone has to say goodbye. ⚠️𝗪𝗔𝗥𝗡𝗜𝗡𝗚𝗦⚠️ -I did not create these characters - Cover was created by me - Contains strong language - Mature themes

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AnYeongHaseYo!~ I will write various imagine about our sweet 8 boys❤️. I hope you will support this book as well😊 The story in this book is originally from me but the photos isn't mine😁 P. S. I'M SORRY FOR MY WRONG GRAMMAR HERE, SINCE ENGLISH ISN'T MY FIRST LANGUAGE. I WILL TRY TO IMPROVE IT☺️ TAGS: #1 - skzimagines [27/02/2021] #1 - stay [20/11/2021]

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She was thrown into a world of ninjas for one reason. Naruto Uzumaki. Yet a certain man with silver hair had sneeked his way into her heart all the while teaching what it means to be a ninja. Suddenly, Naruto wasn't the only one she cared about anymore, but the road of love was long and twisted, full of pain and growth. she didn't realize what she was in for before it was to late. Note: Reader is sixteen while Kakashi is twenty, but with Shinobi dying at young ages it isn't considered that big of a deal in my story. If you do not like the age difference or the plot then please exit the story with all the hate kept to yourself. Also this is kept relatively appropriate other than language. please enjoy! I do not own Naruto I do not own the cover art Age created:14 (first half) 16(finished and edited) 66,110 words give or take 🤔

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Meet 17 Year Old Adrianna Johnson She's The Perfect Daughter,Sister,And Friend She's Even A All A Student She Has A Big Future Of Ahead Of Her Untill She Meets The Love Of Her Life Christopher Sanchez This Local Hustler Soon Shakes Up Adrianna "Perfect Life" Through This Story You Will Watch Adrianna And Christopher Become Parents,Become Wife And Husband At The Age Of 18 You Will See Them At Their Complete Worst You Will See Them Struggle,Cry,And Finding Themselves Through This Story You Will Witness What Love Is It Won't Be Easy But It Will Be Worth It In The End This Book Is Completed!!

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{joey tribbiani ff} •book two• Heather Bing has spent almost six years in New York but her journey of love has just begun. Will Heather's dream of owning her own Real Estate Agency come true? Will Joey ever become the world famous actor that he wishes to be? And will they manage to stick together no matter what comes their way? "Even in your dreams I'll find you, I want to touch you. Your entire being enthrals me, I want you as mine." Big things are happening but they must remember what is more important to them. •season 6 - season 10• {highest rank: #1 in rossgeller, #1 in chandlerbing, #1 in lisakudrow, #1 in courteneycox, #1 in jenniferaniston & #3 in joeytribbiani} [all rights go to friends & the creators]

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[minho x fem!reader] "You said you'd stay forever. You promised." "I'm sorry." You are the first girl in the Glade. Your new life is strange, but you find happiness among the gladers. That is, until you remember everything. #1 staywithme ~ 5•20•2021 #1 minhofanfic ~ 7•8•2021

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{completed} One night, Marinette unexpectedly gets a visit from her partner, Chat Noir. But he isn't there just to hang out with her, he needs a place to stay... Of course, Marinette can't say no to her beloved friend, but will they be able to not reveal their identities to each other? And why can't Chat stay home? - highest ranks - #1 in miraculousladybug #1 in ladynoir #1 in adrinette #1 in adrien #1 in marinette #2 in chatnoir #2 in marichat #2 in adrienette #3 in ladybug (The fanart belongs to EdenDaphne. She's amazing!)