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Avery is a goody two shoes and Jacob is a bad boy. Will this connection hit it off. As a train of love that goes on and off stay together? Find out by reading this girly fetcher?

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Experiencing the single life and embracing thyself as single.

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Nilakandi adalah seorang perempuan yang merasa hidupnya lengkap. Cantik, cerdas, punya karir menjanjikan dan calon suami yang sempurna, walau agak sedikit terlalu pencemburu. Sebuah kesalahan membuat asisten Kandi mengirimkan undangan pernikahan ke daftar alamat yang ia hindari selama bertahun-tahun--sebuah grup kecil berisi data para mantan! Lebih parah lagi, semua mantan Kandi siap untuk datang di hari pernikahannya! Dibantu sahabatnya sejak kecil, Kandi mencoba membatalkan undangan pada lelaki-lelaki yang pernah singgah dalam hidupnya...sambil menyiapkan pernikahan yang akan berlangsung dalam beberapa hari ke depan!

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Just random pictures

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Raven and Chelsea are divorced moms and old best friends. Raven has twins, Booker and Nia; Chelsea has a son named Levi. Booker soon figures that he has the power to see into the future and Nia to read minds. Tess, who is the kids' neighbor and Nia's best friend is skeptical at first but soon believes after Booker has a vision about her that came true. Raven finds herself falling for their new neighbor but becomes worried when she has a vision of him breaking up with her because of her visions. Chelsea deals with Levi's dad being in prison and her making it seem as if he's a good guy even though he is not. What will happen to this tiny apartment?

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⚠ Cover Art Isn't Mine ⚠(I wish it was though like, DAMN! talent!!! When Mumbo Jumbo died unexpectedly his best friend, Grian, never recovered. He'd locked himself in his house and hasn't left it for six entire months. All the other hermits were worried sick about him, and the only one who hadn't given up, hadn't lost hope, was Scar. He still showed up at Grian's door every single day. Could Scar save Grian from the massive hole he'd dug for himself, or had he gone too far to come back? Total word count: 47, 172 Started: July 22, 2022 Ended: August 24, 2022 This is offiacially on AO3 under the same name! I also have the same name on AO3 :)

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Sophie Cartwright is an overworked, exhausted, down-on-her-luck single mother to eight year old, Maddie. She has bills up to her eyeballs, an academically challenged daughter who refuses to go to school, and an ex with an ego the size of a small country. Just as life seems to be getting on top of her, and there appears to be no way out, she meets American Noah Bentley, a self-proclaimed piano man, and the new musician hired to play at the piano bar where she works. In normal circumstances, Noah and Sophie would have never crossed paths. They come from completely different worlds - literally. But each has something the other needs ... and the ability to change the other's life for the better.

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Fear and exited at the same time. Wanting to go on with it but also cut it off. Will it work? But i shoot my shot. I didn't fear when i first talked to this boy, so why hesitate now. ×××××××××××××××××××× This is all something i created. I really wanted to try something different and i choose the best. ⛔Disclaimer ⛔ This has nothing to do with real life events or anyone in particular. I created the whole thing myself and i came up with idea. This is a mix of what i heard about LDR and my friends experiences and a lot of reading and youtube watching . And with all of this i came up with this story. ❌❌❌❌❌❌❌❌❌

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我的omega情人 Author: 鱼很困 Link: https://www.56bok.com/list/239/239066.html She wanted to touch, but was afraid that the other person would fall off the high platform, so she finally decided to stand behind and wait silently.   Originally thought that the two of them had no future, but who would have thought that the twenty-five-year-old Song Yuexue would split into an Alpha.   Beta is free to marry. If Omega does not get married, he will be included in the matching list every year and arrange different matching partners until he gets married. As for Alpha, as long as they wish, they will be arranged as gentle Omega wives.   Tang Yao's fans bet that their idol will still choose to be single this year.   Song Yuexue's family thinks the same way. She has never been interested in male and female abo. Song Yuexue will definitely not choose an applicant. She will definitely devote herself to her position and become a qualified doctor Song. But what surprised everyone is:   Wannian Tang Yao, the single female actress, decided not to be single, but chose to get married.   As for the family members who are not optimistic about Dr. Song, they successfully entered the palace of marriage after a year of separation.   Fan: No, I don't believe it. How could my idol who has been single for a hundred years get married? !   The Song Family: What did we miss...? DISCLAIMER: I do not claim ownership over this story. I only MTLed it. No edits done.

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Coraline Lewis-Summers sacrificed her life moments after her sister in order to ensure her family's safety. She reawakens as an infant, quarantined because of her blood's black coloring. Where is she and more importantly why is she locked in a metal box of a room? Join her in her new life as Isis Griffin, a first born child locked away because of the color of her blood. Lincoln/OC

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If your looking for a story primarily based on Joe Hill...congratulations you've found it! This is going to solely based on his love life more then anything. Of course have the rest of the family included here and there with different things but this is mainly about him, finding love in this crazy new world of his! Follow along with him!

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My boyfriend's crush is kissing a girl, thought Renjun sarcastically, a little bit bitterly... Renjun's life is a crazy mess, Jeno has trust issues, While Jaemin just wants somebody to cuddle, Welcome in Norenmin's world. Highest ranking #1 noern #10 norenmin

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Kurt was into performing. Poppy was into sport. Growing up, it had always been as simple as that for Kurt Hummel's younger sister, and boarding school in England had set her up to be a professional soccer player. Then her foot was crushed by a drunk driver, along with all her dreams. Returning to America for her Sophomore Year, Poppy rediscovers her passion for singing, though not without falling in love along the way. A story of first love, new dreams and accepting yourself, but not without having a little fun along the way. Completed <3 #1 in blaineanderson | #1 in darren | #1 in blaine fem!oc x blaine anderson

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They say if you love someone truly, you will always find your way back to them, no matter what life throws at youu. As flashbacks came into view, Hayley tried her best to forget them and move forward but destiny had other plans for her when she met the love of her life but this time, it was much harder than before. ***** "Hayley run" I fell in the depths of death while he lay in my arms. With a peaceful look, eyes full of tears and a broken heart I kissed his forehead "you were, are and will be the best thing that ever happened to me" Then it was silent, all trace of laughter, happiness and love, disappeared and along with it, went the love of my life "Christian would have want you to live" Just as we parted ways the last time, I walked out without a word, without a single sound or mutter, only a single tear sliding down my cheek as I left him there, to die. Yet his soft rumbling voice whispered in the back of my mind, a phantom hand upon my shoulder "I love you" I realized our story wasn't a happy ending, because happy endings? Those never existed A few glimpses of the last chapter of book 1 to give you the ideaa. The new book brings even more trouble-intensity but most of all, even more love!

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"I was holding onto him thinking the pain was worth it, my hands and heart ached trying to keep something which killed me not so softly. But as I started to let go of him, my soul felt lighter. And my heart? It'll take it's own time.", she gave a soft smile. You came into my life, Making it colourful than it was, You made me feel good, Like a blooming flower. But just like every season, This season changed too, You left me like a withering flower, Making me drown in my own pain. My mind still thinks about you, My heart still hurts, Don't want someone to mend it now, I can't give the same love back. Love is complex, funny and confusing. People often mix the idea of love with actually being in love and end up getting heartbroken. You can love a person and not realize it as you let them go while holding onto something that isn't yours.