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AU stories that are mostly about EdSer preconfession and maybe events that lead up to them.

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A series of one shots of my favorite couple, EdSer.

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Here are my mostly one-shot stories. These are the stories that came to my mind, and I write them for fun. All stories are about Edser.

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This will be a series of one shots based on reader suggestions. I'll try to tag all the readers who have made the suggestions as I go along!

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Serkan has ended his cancer treatment but gets the devastating news about his future. Eda wants it all, Serkan and a family, she has no intention of giving up on him and all they they have built. They may have some bumps along the way but where there's a will there's a way!

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When Serkan's plane crashed he was the lone survivor of the crash. Eda and Ayden had faith that he was alive, Ayden had faith because Eda had faith. The story doesn't take two months for Serkan to return, he does have amnesia. He doesn't remember Eda or anyone else for that matter, but the heart and the soul never forget and the body just needs to heal.

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Serkan wakes from his coma in Slovenia with amnesia and remembers Selin. In the months since Selin left Istanbul she has done some soul searching and gotten therapy, she is in a much better place in life. So, will she be a problem or a solution?

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Serkan, recently divorced, has fought to overcome a tragedy. Feeling responsible for the death of his son and the end of his marriage, he's suffocated himself with work. What has kept him afloat is his best friend's unending support and an unlikely partnership with an old school friend, who requests his help renovating her mansion and transforming it into a children's home. Eda, a student in her last year of college, feels mediocre and aloof at her life's sudden monotony and lack of direction. Once able to see hope and light even in the darkest moments, she's now aimless unable to move forward. That is until she's faced with a proposal that might completely change her life.

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Mostly one shots revolving around the storyline. I feel the show didn't have a lot of mushy and cute edser scenes without any problems thrown their way. So it's my take on their cute fights and days full of love. PS: it's my first time writing, so I am not sure if these will be good or not. Also feel free to drop in your ideas/requests in comments. Will try to write on them as well. I do not own the characters of the show, just using them and the story.

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When Eda's parents were killed the truth would eventually come out. This story is a twist on the telling of that tale. Serkan doesn't hesitate to tell Eda but it doesn't go quite as planned. The story continues after Eda finds out about her family on through the arrival of her grandmother and Serkan's plane crash.

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I woke up with a headache. Memories. Flashing memories. I massaged my forehead trying to ease the pain I feel in my head. "If I was born a hundred times, I would fall in love with you a hundred times..." Another flash of memory hit me. HER. ----- Book One: Images of You Book Two: Pieces of Us

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Two broken souls and closed-off hearts. When they meet, will they heal each other or destroy what was left inside them? Eda is a young university student who just transferred to a new school per the request of her family. She meets there, one person who gets on her nerves like nobody else but can't stop spending time with him. Where their love-hate relationship leads them? * * * This is the AU story about Serkan and Eda as university students who are different from their characters in SCK. WARNING: Strong language, mature content, discussion about eating disorders, and suicide mention. The characters belong to Fox Turkey, but the plot and storyline are mine.

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She broke his heart, but he can't stop loving her even if she is the evilest woman in the world. He destroyed her every dream, but even if he has no heart, she can't stop thinking about him. What will happen when two former lovers, turned haters, are forced to spend time together alone without anyone's disturbance? * * * WARNING STRONG LANGUAGE AND MATURE CONTENT. Reading on your own responsibility. * * * It is a story about Serkan and Eda's break up that came to life after I discarded this idea for the prequel of Come Back To Me. I couldn't get this out of my head as it started to live its own life and evolved into a shorter story about my favorite lovers. If you love lovers to haters' trope, I hope you will enjoy it as much as me when I was writing it. The characters belong to Fox Turkey, but the story and plot are mine.

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This is the sequel to Images of you. "You know, life fractures us all into little pieces. It harms us, but it's how we glue those fractures back together that make us stronger." ― Carrie Jones, Entice ----- Book One: Images of You Book Two: Pieces of Us

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Eda Yıldız, a very sweet girl who has a heart of gold and the purest soul once meet Serkan Bolat known as robot who doesn't have feelings and doesn't do relationships... their life will turn upside-down... hello guys this my first fanfiction story, characters doesn't belong to me they belong to FOX "sen çal kapimi" but i came up with the ideas so please don't copy my story and i hope you will like it and don't mind the spelling mistakes... enjoyyy:)