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It's time to question why I'm still alive. It's also time to question why anybody even reads this ~•{Updates are going to be slow}•~ •~•~•~•~•~•~•~•~•~•~•~•~•~•~•~•~ ⚠️Please don't witch hunt me down if you don't like a headcanon I make or if I spelled something wrong. I'm very sorry for all the brains cells that you may lose while reading this⚠️ Started: July 2020 Ended: December 2021

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Requests are now closed, but you can still read one-shots, which were suggested by other people. I think most of the popular SCPs were used in here, but there are also stories with some less known objects, so many people should be able to find something for themselves.

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SCPs who you can ask questions: SCP-001 "Scarlet King" SCP-001 "Gate Guardian" SCP-035 SCP-049 SCP-049-J SCP-053 SCP-066 SCP-073 SCP-076 SCP-079 SCP-085 SCP-096 SCP-105 SCP-106 SCP-131 SCP-166 SCP-173 SCP-191 SCP-353 SCP-457 SCP-529 SCP-682s SCP-735 SCP-811 SCP-939 SCP-953 SCP-990 SCP-999 SCP-1048 + A-C SCP-1471 SCP-1504 SCP-1943 SCP-2295 SCP-2599 SCP-2662 SCP-4494 SCP-5205 Characters that you can ask questions: Me John (MTF commander) Dr Ellie Dr Bright Dr Clef Lucy (5205's girlfriend) SCPs except my OC SCP-5205 belong to their creators. SCP-5205 is my original creation from my previous book. There is a huge chance, that this number will be taken in the future, so I am clarifying, that I have used this number, when it wasn't taken. Dr Bright, Dr Clef and SCP logo also belong to their original creators.

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The characters are : SCP 035, 049, 079, 096, 106, 173, 682, 939, 1678 More SCPs will be coming soon(Sometime) And my account is a safe place to request characters(Even the weird ones that some will find really fucking weird . But if you request some characters that are weird even for me , then sorry , I won't write for them)

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I'm sorry if you wanted more updates, but its discontinued.

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Advice to Read the description before reading. Trigger warning: Obsessive, Abuse, Manipulation, Stalking, Death, Blood, Angst, Mentions of Rape. You were a witch who used worship a goddess, by your bad decision choices your fate was to make everyone be obsessed with you and be immortal. Be able to have anyone desire to be in love with you in a obsseive way, and i mean anyone you want, Sounds like a dream right? No, it isn't that's the fuckery that put in you into this mess. -This is a general neutral story. -The love interests will be focusing on the Doctors and the endings. -If i get the courage i will maybe consider making a scp ending scenario. -The endings only focus on your opinion who should Y/n stay with.

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say's it in the tittle

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Let's play a game Would you rather this or that You can only choose one Have fun :)

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Dr. Bright and Dr. Clef have both fallen for Dr. Lori, the two men agreeing to share her once they get her attention.

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A man is brought into the scp facility by dr bright after being chased by GOC but after showing that he cannot be harmed by the living statute or killed by the plague doctor they decided to keep him there but given his power he's got some requests

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its the title uwu sadly there wont be any art to go with the headcanons i dont own the cover art!!!!!!!

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these will be SCPxSCP, Dr.xDr. and SCPxDr. no reader request are open NO LEMON!

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SCP headcanons because they are fun to write

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This is my oneshots book where I'll be writing a bunch of stories for you guys hope you like it Rules I will not write NSFW or anything like it I can do x readers Ships are Scp 166 X Scp 076 and offers Ships I'm ok with are Scp 035 x 049 and offers (IDK what I'm ok with) Ships I dislike Scp 105 x Scp 076 I will take requests but I'll mostly be doing random oneshots I will probably add more rules offer time Also I might feature some of my OCs Enjoy