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The foundation's job is difficult, but according to them, necessary to aid humanity. But what happens when one of their highest ranking officers abandons his innocent and joking demeanor in favor of oppressed anomalies? This is a fanfic based on Newscapepro's SCP roleplay. None of the characters belong to me. Cover art belongs to me:) There is now a sequel in progress: An Anomalous Alliance!

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SCPs who you can ask questions: SCP-001 "Scarlet King" SCP-001 "Gate Guardian" SCP-035 SCP-049 SCP-049-J SCP-053 SCP-066 SCP-073 SCP-076 SCP-079 SCP-085 SCP-096 SCP-105 SCP-106 SCP-131 SCP-166 SCP-173 SCP-191 SCP-353 SCP-457 SCP-529 SCP-682s SCP-735 SCP-811 SCP-939 SCP-953 SCP-990 SCP-999 SCP-1048 + A-C SCP-1471 SCP-1504 SCP-1943 SCP-2295 SCP-2599 SCP-2662 SCP-4494 SCP-5205 Characters that you can ask questions: Me John (MTF commander) Dr Ellie Dr Bright Dr Clef Lucy (5205's girlfriend) SCPs except my OC SCP-5205 belong to their creators. SCP-5205 is my original creation from my previous book. There is a huge chance, that this number will be taken in the future, so I am clarifying, that I have used this number, when it wasn't taken. Dr Bright, Dr Clef and SCP logo also belong to their original creators.

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how original. these are just x readers, since I'm a fan of the SCP Foundation thing. I also want to probably entertain some people out there. [yes, that's a good cause-]

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It was a "normal" day at the foundation until one of the researchers detected a halo floating in space and later crashed on earth at the country ■■■■■■■■■, after its capture in the first few tests they found out that the halo is sentient and highly intelligent. The tests continued until one an incident happened........

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it's self explanatory. Give me anything horror related and I'll write it. 🔪🔪Head cannons and dirty alphabets 🔪🔪 ✨✨✨I witite about anything horror related. ✨✨✨ just some cute and dirty headcannons of your favorite homicidal maniacs. Come on by it you're interested into headcannons and smut haha

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You love to debunk creepypastas. But when you get dared to finally step foot into the stairwell over a dozen people have gone missing into... Have you finally bitten off more than you can chew?

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liên quan tới SCP

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Just a normal day in the Foundation.