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Hãy click vào :3 Đảm bảo bạn sẽ bị ném và ăn một túi đường vào mặt và ngọt đến sâu răng luôn 😑

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Tớ xin Tóm tắt câu truyện Hôm nay tớ viết về Lucy bắt cóc và Natsu giải cứu không ngờ Lisanna cản và nói rằng hội không cho phép làm vậy ____________________________ Sau đó Lucy bị mất tích , và đến lúc Ngày hội Ma Thuật bắt đầu thì Lucy xuất hiện tại hội Fairy Tall , 1 ngày Natsu và Happy đi làm nhiệm vụ , Lucy không đi cùng bọn họ vì lí do khác ....lí do là không muốn Natsu biêt Lucy yêu natsu ngay lần đầu tiên gặp nhau ... 4 ngày có cuộc chiến ở hội Fairy Tall , Lucy đến giúp sức cho mọi người ở hội , rồi Lucy bị thương rất nặng không thể chiến đấu lần nữa , Vì Kẻ thù quá mạnh , Natsu phải đành quyết tâm đánh bại hắn để bảo vệ được Lucy ... Còn tiếp theo xin mọi người vào truyện rồi biết [ Cấm fans Nali , Lisanna Ok ]

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Sneak peek: Karry quickly covered Roy's eye and Nan Nan covered his own eye. "Can you stop covering my eye," Roy murmured. "Children are prohibited to see this," Karry replied. Roy:..... Guess what's happening in this scene 😉 *Average: 1000 words per chapter

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Two friends. Catlike smiles. Changing tides. Change of heart. And just like that, Everything changes. Never again, will I trust you.

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Cute little boys memes and some random tags, check it out if you're bored.

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We are force to get marry by our parents. What will happen to us? Will we get divorce as plan at the end of the term?

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I am weird, he is mr.popular. Both of us does not belong in the same world, but because of 1 sentence our fate cross each other...

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Let's spend the last three days of our life together~ Adorable and hilarious moments haha It's a really long one chapter story.

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Xiao Xing is Wang Yuan's little sister. She's bubbly, funny, and loves food just as much as her brother. But what will happen when she starts falling for her brother's best friend?

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[COMPLETED] "Our relationship will always be a poison for me, you and the others." "Do I look like I care? As long as I'm with you, I don't care." "This is why I keep telling you that your stupid ego will always make us suffer." Started: June 25, 2018 Ended: January 13, 2019 highest ranking: #1 in wangjunkai #1 in tfboys

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There is this boy who always appear in my dream but I never had the chance to see his face. In the dream he will always call out to me but I can't walk towards him. It seems like I had known him for a long time. What is the meaning of this dream? Do I really have a pass life lover? Then who he is in this life? Will we ever meet?

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A story of a 17 years old girl trying her best to help his long lost friend to regain his memories of their past. But she have seven days to do so before they separated again. Will he gain his memories in 7 days only? But what happened if the secret that was hidden from him revealed as a memory? Will Jackson Yi remember you as his first love?

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Li Mei (Xiao Li) is Wang Junkai's twin sister. She goes to school with him, Wang Yuan and Qian Xi. But when she starts catching feelings for a certain someone, will their relationship ever be the same?

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It's all started with my confession for him. He rejected me so i swear I will forget about him! But why when I wanted forget him, he appear in my life again! What will happen if I fall for him again!