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Alone home scared she calls her Dominant to help ease her mind. What she gets is another story all together. One Stormy Night and a collection of short stories.

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Jyn Erso and Captain Cassian Andor embrace as a wave of death rushes towards them. The wind howls and the sky is so bright. Any minuet their lives will be crushed. Suddenly a ship zooms to a stop beside them. A young imperial officer's terrified face is before them with an outstretched hand. "Come on!" He screams. Cover by the incredible: @AFictionAddiction

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As rumors of an ultimate weapon spread across the galaxy, the shadow of the Empire grows ever darker. If there is to be any hope of defeating the weapon, a ragtag team of rebels, criminals, and outcasts will have to learn to work together. Success will mean giving the Alliance another day to fight, while failure will mean certain death for all who dare oppose the Empire. Loyalties will be questioned, trust will be strained, and convictions will be tested before there is any chance of victory.

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❛ we all eat lies when our hearts are hungry ❜ [ star wars: rogue one ] [ highest rank: #374 in fanfiction ]

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The period of darkness has been cast across the galaxy for far too long. One final hope is the only chance at the restoration of peace, but he cannot fight the Empire alone. There are several people across the galaxy willing to fight for the right cause --- starting with Captain Cassian Andor. But when he's captured and facing execution, it's up to you to rescue him. To save the Rebellion. To save the dream.

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"Oh girl its you, that I lie with. As the atom bomb locks in," Harlow Kaz is a young adult in the middle of a war that she's been fighting in since she was a little girl. Now on a new mission she meets a man who she ends up doing anything for, even when worst comes to worst. {40,000 words} Started : 20-10-22 Finished : 17-01-23 [DISCLAIMER - I don't own any of the Star Wars or Andor characters this is just a fanfiction. Only my own separate plot points and Harlow belong to me]

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✦ she didn't remember him but he remembered her. he remembered her as a fighter, but she knew herself to be the exact opposite. ✦

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Vader. It was a symbol, a warning, a name, a monster... What happens when an innocent slave girl crosses his path? Read 'Possessive Beast' to find out! (Cover Art by Me, @MrsSenatorSkywalker)

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Jyn and Cassian are saved by a rebel ship and taken back to Yavin 4. But their troubles are not yet over. The Death Star is still a threat, the Empire remains strong, and then there was the kiss between Jyn and Cassian on the elevator...

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Jyn Erso awakens from a coma not long after the destruction of the Death Star having walked away from the Battle of Scarif relativity unharmed. Now, she lives in a world of uncertainty, not knowing if any of the other members of the Rogue One Squadron are still alive, including Cassian Andor, and faced with what seems like an almost impossible choice: leave the rebellion or stay and fight. [Rogue One Oneshot Fixit AU] [Implied Rebelcaptain] [Cover and edit made by me x]

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Jane Andor. She's thirteen years old, and she has more scars than most people in the rebellion.

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COMING THIS SUMMER! Millions of stars in the universe, but the universe revolves around her! Star Wars / Original Character Love Interest 2022, Voidmoons Original Trilogy / Rogue One to Return of the Jedi Book One in the Balance of the Force Series

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"Without hope what chance do we have." *** "Sorry Ezra, I'm done." Sabine whispered into his ear and walked over to the Ghost. "Chopper set corse for Scarif we have some old friends to save." She told the droid getting in. "This time I'm moving on." She muttered as she got into the cockpit and left him, alone to darkness. Goodbye Ezra Bridger. She thought entering hyperspace. Goodbye. *** Rogue One spoilers! 3rd book in series 1st book A Dark Truth 2nd book A Shadow 3rd book Another Goodbye 4th book Haunting Past 5th book Hope Isn't Lost |Cover Art: meldy-arts (tumblr)|

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"Iᴛ'ꜱ Tɪᴍᴇ Tᴏ Rᴇʙᴇʟ." 2017. cover by maddoglucas. All Rights Reserved.

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"Surprised?" "Hardly, Captain." _______________ When an order obeying Captain meets someone who will do anything to get the results she wants, even if it means bending the rules. _______________ I own nothing but my character.