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**SPIDER-MAN AU** The truth is, Will wouldn't know what an actual normal person does, not really. The word normal has become a thing of the past, an outdated word that's been permanently torn from his vocabulary. Will Byers hasn't known normal for years. Not since that damn spider bit him. And just when Will thinks he's finally figured out this whole superhero life, here comes Mike Wheeler, ready to prove him wrong.

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You know this is a wangxian fanfiction , nothing is related to the Novel . I just adopt the charecters name for present this story to you . Lan Zhan and Wei wuxian are roommate and leave together from 5 years in America for study. One day Lan Zhan's mother ask him for come back and get engaged with a girl ,whom she chose for him. But Lan Zhan don't want to marry that girl and he lie his mother that he is in love with someone else that's why he ask Wei wuxian to crossdressed and help him but Wei wuxian deny. But what happened after some time he accept to pretend and crossdressed himself . Cover is not mine .

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This story is about Ivy Aguas and Arnaldo Ardiente Torillo as we all know Ivy has a company and Arnaldo is a politician this story will show their struggles in being in a relationship while being succesful and independent people.

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#12 in FANFICTION(8th july) Its a sandhir FF. It is a story of our sandhir. They got married but never had a proper personal interaction. To know the exact reason do read this FF. All credits goes to original writer.

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β€’ || Book one in the royalty series || β€’ Ayan is a prince who is known for his charm and wit, but he is also deeply troubled by the societal pressures that come with his position. Rhea is a journalist who is assigned to cover a story about the prince, but as she spends more time with him, she begins to see the vulnerability and genuine person behind the public persona. Over time, they develop a deep connection and help each other navigate the challenges of their respective roles. A love story like no other, his and hers~ Β©ManπŸ•ŠοΈ2023 A Short narrative story. This narrative is not intended to encourage inappropriate or dangerous themes, such as storylines promoting hatred or violence. Positive and respectful relationships should be promoted in all facets of life, including fictitious novels. I am the original writer of this story. I don't allow any translations of this book. Hope you guys like it.

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What happens when one of the strongest and most feared villain ends up taking a newborn child under his care? this does not follow the manga or anime whatsoever. Just get ready for soft and warmhearting moments:)

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rottmnt angst let's goooo cover art made by me.

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Being the son of the chief takes brains, courage, and a lot of patience. But at his father's the request for marriage, Hiccup decides he has had enough. When he seeks out a life of ease, he runs into more than what he bargained for.

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The story depicts late 19th century era of British India. It revolves around Barrister Anirudh Roy Chaudhary who marries a 11 year old girl Bondita in order to save her from Sati ritul. He pledges to take responsibility of the eleven year old and make her capable and independent. After 12 years Anirudh fulfilles his promise as he fights for Bondita to make her a barrister like him. What will happen when 24 year old Bondita returns back to her country? Will Bondita ever mean something more than a "responsibility" for Anirudh? How will this Barrister couple survive fighting against the unethical norms and traditions of Dependent India! To know more, read the Fanfiction of Colors TV Show - Barrister Babu exclusively on Wattpad App.

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Arnav Singh Raizada is a name everyone wants to be...But he don't want to be himself because he has everything but he is orphan... Arnav Singh Raizada lost his family in an Accident...Now, he doesn't have anyone except his love Sheetal. He was going to marry her and make his dream come true of having a family... but suddenly something happened which broke his heart and soul. Then,one day "I don't want to live alone god..but you always take away my loved ones..I never liked being alone...This loneliness is killing me god." Arnav said Standing on the edge of his terrace. "Who said you are alone?"A voice came from behind. Arnav turned back,he got angry looking at that person...And yelled,"You are bounding me to live otherwise I would have died peacefully long ago." Now after sheetal,his loves death what is left for arnav to live ? Did sheetal leave something for him? Will he able to live happy life?

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Lust-filled sex. That was their every night. But nothing more than that. Until Dazai decided to abandon the Port Mafia, and Chuuya has spent the following nights alone. One night, Dazai suprisingly arrives at Chuuya's doorstep and they repeat the old nights they spent together once more, filled with each other's warmth. Dazai unaware that, to Chuuya, they were more than just lustful sex. A few days later, Chuuya finds out the news that he's pregnant with Dazai's child and he starts getting anxious, wondering whether or not to tell Dazai about it or just keep it to himself in fear of being rejected by his partner. But eventually, Dazai finds out and he takes responsibility as the child's father. As they raise the child together, both are unaware that an enemy awaits for the right moment to take the child and use it against all gifted organizations, being the most powerful and gifted human being to be born.

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At age 13 Izuku Midoriya and his class venture to an I-island exhibition on a school trip. At the presentation Izuku is bitten by a radioactive spider. Age 14 and Izuku's mother is killed by a robber he let escape. Age 15, The greenette lives with his Aunt Mitsuki and her family, and that's where our story begins. ]I own nothing but the plot, rights go to their respective owners[

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This story revolves around a man who is mentally disabled. What will happen when he meets a doctor who is trying to bring him back to his life??

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Its a story of three brothers who care and love each other to the moon and back. But some secrets are kept safely hidden.. What will happen when they will be exposed?? Will the love remain or will they go apart?? Join Abhi, Manik and Kunj on there journey of so called life...

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You all know the origin story of radioactive bug bites; with great power comes great responsibility. But what if this time it was different? What if you were born with the powers of Spider-Man? After the tragic fate of your loved ones, take the mantel in secret fighting crime. With the official know about you being quirkless, you attend UA high as a business student working on gadgets and support items. But it's only a matter of time before your secret gets loose. How will Spider-Man square up against the forces of good and evil in the universe of My Hero Academia?