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this is my first fanfic thing im actually determined to start, so sorry if it sucks

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An artbook compiling all the drawings i've made. Currently a WIP.

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gay shitty angst

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IF YOU DO NOT LIKE THIS SHIP DO NOT READ THIS BOOK AND ALL HATE COMMENTS WILL BE DELETED, Whoa!!! A rEaL Bamburai x Banjex sToRiE?!!??!? wOzErS!! 😍 JAJAJA Banjex go gets Bamburai oOOOOooooOOhsuuri3u2h4984yb917ttn Bamburai pleas accept Banjex AAAAAAAAAAAAQAQAQAQAQA

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this story will no longer be worked on, I will make a remastered version. Your average 5'4 heightened boy named Jaksibi living in the 3d Realm. One day, he's late. On the way, he bumps into a tall man that he finds cute... That man that will change his life. Or maybe not. Will it happen? Or not? Find out in this Dave and Bambi Popcorn Mod Romance Fan-Fiction.

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I decided to make a backstory sort of thing for one of my dnb OCS her name is lex yes popcorn mod characters will appear but later in the book. (Cover is very temporary)

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Scraps of a journal left in a trash-filled alleyway.

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popcorn & stadium edition characters only lol, some ocs and characters outside popcorn/stadium edition might appears no request pls i just write whatever i want

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my stupid dnb hc, can be wholesome, cute, or sad, or cursed...... NOTE : I DO NOT TAKE REQUEST, unless if it said so...

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Hiya! This is my first time writing I hope you all like what I write! This will mostly focus on some underrated bois, but I'll write HCS for the main cast too! I might take requests if anyone actually read this. ^^; Enjoy! (I made all the covers in this oneshot book!)

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A tale of two gods exploring the now post-apocalyptic 3D world. Inspired by Yume Nikki, Yume Nikki Fangames and Girls Last Tour.

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THIS FANFIC IS A SHIT POST DONT THINK I ACTUALLY SHP THIS 💀💀💀💀 im not writing smut (mabbyr) but im just writing random shit ii thought of w the ships 😁😁😁😁😁 .(iimjjuggyviiv INMADE THIS OUT OF BOIRÉUOM)

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i dont like danganronpa that much anymore but here a funny anyway, cuz i love angst shit!!! WARNING : SATIRE, BAD GRAMMAR, CONTAINS CHARACTER DEATHS OFC. cover and inspired by Bamburai's Samurai Club#8139 the protag character is bambi because he's the original bambi, sorry not marcello lmao