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10 years. It didn't need to happen. Kellyn, A Ranger from Almia, in need of his own light that he didn't have to give away everyday. Lucille, An Expert Scientist, in need of someone to push her future. The future was bright for them. Natalie and Pluto, twins of these two amazing people, just behind the power curb. Vitor, the older child, was ready to move the family farther. They could've done better. But then 10 years of pain slammed into them. Can they save themselves? *Pokemon Uranium Fanfic.

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10 years. It wasn't needed. Vitor and Natalie, the older twins and the people who were supposed to keep the family together, fell apart as terror rose and disaster struck. Their mother lost in the attack upon the Nuclear Plant, Their father lost in his own darkness, their younger brother torn down with disabilities. But can these twins pull together enough to save their family? *Pokemon Uranium Fanfic

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Alright, so I played Pokémon Violet, and I loved it, so I decided to make this book for one-shots for the seires of Pokémon! I allow requests for almost every character in all gens 1-9 and some Pokémon fangame characters! This one-shot book is mostly for Pokémon Trainers, but I will take Pokémon with human requests, IF they're platonic requests. (Sorry peeps, but I'm not sure I can be as confident as most people are in writing romance with readers and animals unless it's like... a Pokémon reader with a Pokémon-) I might allow the Readémon x Pokémon, but like.... I'll separate them like one category is for Trainers, while one category Pokémon, and they'll have only little amounts of romance. Y'know what I mean? Like nuzzles and cuddles and small adventures for the Readémon and Pokémon, but no to inappropriate stuff. You may ask for Pokéhumans maybe, they'll get their own category as well, but they're basically gonna be like people that look like and/or dress up to look like a Pokémon or Pokémon to Human then back to 'mon, cause 'u' " yeeeeeeeee Pokémon to Human still kinda count as Pokémon- If you want to request, the first chapter will have more information for you so you know what I will do, what I will not do, and what characters you can request for! Enjoy my Pokéheroes, Pokévillains, and Pokébeans! ☆\^u^_☆ ◇Requests are Paused but will Resume when current requests are finished◇

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Ash hasn't seen or spoken to Goh in almost eight years, and they didn't end their friendship on the best of terms. Then, when Ash is invited to Misty and Gary's wedding, they meet again. The rift between them is still as wide as ever, and he's pretty sure Goh actually hates him, yet they just can't seem to avoid one another... SatoGou, Journeyshipping, FirstFriendShipping

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When Ash showed up on the first day of high school, he dragged Goh into a whirlwind year of friendship, secrets and a deep, burning crush. Then, after that one year, he moved away again, disappearing without a trace. Two years later, after being given an assignment on nostalgia, Goh thinks back to the best days of his life, and realises he never really got over Ash. Strong satogou angst and fluff~!

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Basically a book of any possible OC's that I had in mind and scrapped because I came up with better ones, also if you guys want to use these OC's feel free to do so since I don't really give a shit to be honest.

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This is a story of ash being a genius in every thing. After the loss of kalos league and a certain event and he decided to change himself. I don't own the Pokemon anime or the fanart used . The credit goes to the original author. so follow ash to his journey to be a new person. Also the grammar might be slightly wrong because english is not my first language. so lets start.

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Ash and Goh met each other through a pen-pal program set up by their schools when they were seven years old. Ash has no idea what Goh looks like, or his name, or even his gender. They only call each other by their nicknames, Red and Blue. Still, he falls for him hard. Completely in love with someone he's never met, Ash is torn between asking to meet up and taking the risk that they won't like each other in person, and keeping that magic bond alive through the letters alone forever. Then, fate makes the decision for him. AU SatoGou! DawnxChloe too. Journeyshipping/Firstfriendshipping

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"You'll be amazing out there young one. You'll meet many new friends on your way and new companions. Now, go out there and show everyone who you are." She told me. -This is the story of one young man who repressed himself, feared that his family, who had a very high reputation to uphold, would disown him and cast him out. So he made the logical reason to run away without anyone knowing, apart from the Gym leader of Anistar City. With his trusted companion who he met in an unforgettable encounter, they set off together, for Glory. IMPORTANT NOTICES: -I DON'T OWN POKEMON! ALL RIGHTS BELONG TO GAME FREAK AND NINTENDO. -THIS IS GAY AND IS MALE READER X MALE CHARACTER -PLEASE READ THIS!

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"Hold on !" Thunder cracked. "You can do it Altaria !" The same voice encouraged. Rough unforgiving winds smashed into the two flyers again. In a distance lighting flashed providing the two to see briefly. Another air current rammed into the struggling Altaria but only to be sucked in the dark swirling vortex. As much as the Pokemon fought the two were sucked in as they hurtled into even more darkness. Read to find out what happens.

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"The human is a social being." said Aristotelis the Greek. If that's true, then what am I? I gave up all my humanity ever since my father left me. Happiness was replaced by anger, joy by sadness. Everything was the same. Everything was dark. After all these years, I earned strenght most of my peers would dream of. But is it worth it? Why did you curse me like that mother? My name is Jordan Hajime... This is my story! __________________________________________________________________________________ Jordan Hajime applied to become professor Bambo'o's research assistant. He will journey through the Tandor Region to gather data for the Pokedex. Along with his friend and rival Theo they will face a lot of challenges on the journey to become champions! But will he discover more than he thought he would... perhaps... about his dead mother? (Cover made by ImberLapis)

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Una raccolta di 500 episodi tutti da leggere! :)

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character theme songs for starters

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Amy and her friends Iris, Cilan, Wally and her new boyfriend Steven have a new mission and it's get ready to face off Kyogre. While in the Alola region, Team Aqua secretly follows them to try and capture the Solganium Z, Amy's mysterious stone that she found with Lucario earlier, and setting out Solgaleo as a distraction for them. That is the least of the gang's worry now. Amy has to face off Team Skull and take on the Alola League for round two. Will she and her partner Emolga come out on top again?