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Another fanfiction, continuing the story from the movie: "The Witch. Part 1: The Subversion". This time from the Nobleman/ Gui Gong Ja's point of view. Part 2 of this movie will be released soon. But I'm not too hopeful that they'll delve into my favorite characters' stories anymore. There's so much plot potential so I decided to make my own. I'd love to delve more on Choi Woo Shik's character in a complex manner than how it was depicted from the movie since Koo Ja Yoon was the protagonist. A different view. And ofcourse, the Love Line we didnt get to have (yet?). I'll write this while waiting for the movie. Enjoy!

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Akaashi never showed emotion, he saw no need for it, it was a weakness that got in the way of his job. He was an agent, hired to families of major importance to protect them without them ever knowing he was there. He was good at his job, the top agent in his field and his friends respected him for it, but it seemed that the closer he got to his charge the more his emotions sprang into action. He wasn't an emotional person, not anymore, but even with his past catching up to him in the worst way possible, he finds that his connection to Bokuto Kotaro is stronger than he could have imagined. His job was to give his life to protect the Nobleman family, and he's determined to keep that promise, but now there's a personal aspect that Akaashi didn't see coming. I suck at descriptions, but I honestly think this book is pretty good, please give it a read and vote!

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Fallen from grace Lydia Garant has an estate problem--and then some. A nobleman worships the ground she walks on, but it's his pauper bodyguard who piques her interest. ***** Lydia Garant has never fully had control of her life. Saddled with her parents' bankrupt estate, she's forced to seek out marriage from her childhood best friend, Joshua, who's made quite a name for himself. He cares for her and is protective, everything she needs. She's not sure what love should feel like and is certain the feelings will eventually follow once they are properly wed. Everything seems possible until she meets Joshua's gruff yet aloof bodyguard. When she loses the last of her family's money in a robbery, all solutions point to Joshua but it's his bodyguard that sends her pulse racing. Former Title: The Difference

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Alexander J. Grant (Noblemen: 1896 OC) x Familiar of Zero Jackson S. Grant, hero of the Second America Civil War, and the 26th President of the United States. His son, Alexander J. Grant, always wished for a great adventure, but when his dream comes true, he was called to a different world...

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Not mine all credit goes to their respective owners __________________________________________________________________________________ I became a miserably weak aristocrat in the web novel 'SSS-Class Knight'. With a body that can drop at a moment's notice, no less. 'Let's live for now. Let's fight on.' I have to survive, even without knowing the ending __________________________________________________________________________________ alternative name : I Became a Weak Aristocrat I Became a Sick Nobleman 병약한 귀족이 되었다 Type : Web Novel Language : Korean Author : 황시우 Artist : Status in COO : 209 chapters 10 Books (Completed) Year :

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You have always lived a rather quiet life serving a princess who never shows herself to the public. However, your peace is disrupted when the princess you serve is suddenly arranged to marry the prince of a neighboring kingdom. As the princess' servant, you travel with her with only the best wishes in mind. You just never expected her fiancé to fall in love with you instead.

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Every one knew Santiago organization but no one know the heir to Santiago and those that know him are too afraid to get acquitted with him Saminian was an orphan a very poor one at that so when she cut the attention of Santiago heir she has no where to escape to Will she face him or not

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Noble 6 was one of only two Spartans ever designated as 'Hyper Lethal.' Everyone thought he died on Reach, but the Brother Gods of Remnant had a different idea. After being sent to Remnant, he joins Beacon Academy because he doesn't know what else to do. Soon he finds himself fighting new forces called Grimm, and soon, a foe he recognized.

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I became a miserably weak aristocrat in the web novel 'SSS-Class Knight'. With a body that can drop at a moment's notice, no less. 'Let's live for now. Let's fight on.' I have to survive, even without knowing the ending. P/S: This is for anyone who are curious about this novel. Please don't report and let us read peacefully shall we?

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(THIS IS A AU WERE JESPER IS A JOUSTER IN NOVYI ZEM) Rosaline Bligh was born in too one of the many noble families in Novyi Zem what will happen when she meets a tall Zemini jouster at a tournament? I DO NOT OWN SHADOW AND BONE OR ITS CHARACTERS I ONLY OWN THE PLOT ROSALINE AND HER FAMILY AS WELL AS HER HANDMADED

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After the end of a hunt, a Duke investigates rumors of demon worship in his kingdom.

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An online rumor, a man who led heists in another world, once dead, and forgotten. All of this can describe the leader of the infamous Phantom Thieves of Heart, Joker, or to his peers, Akira Kurusu. After the failed mission to steal the public's heart, they were all forgotten and faded from existence. Or at least on Earth. Given a second chance, Akira must learn his way around this new planet, Remnant, and make it a better place by taking up the mask once again.

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Anna could never have imagined how the events, that were about to take place, would change her life. Daniel, a Nobleman, walked into her shop wanting his sword repaired. But he brought more than just his sword. He brought Anna a new life.

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When Henrique de Guerra stumbled upon a terrorist conspiracy aiming at the heart of Finland, he blocked with panic. The Islamic extremism took advantage of a security breach at a nuclear power plant. While a Special Branch of the Finnish Army, led by Major Zhorn, fought against the imminent detonation, Henrique de Guerra is led through a crusade against an invincible enemy.

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Naoto Kurogane, a not so average student from an average high school is suddenly thrown into the world of Remnant, where he's suddenly... more average? Anyway, he enrolls in a new high school, Beacon Academy, and goes about finding out how this new world works.