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Neji and Tenten had always been teammates and good friends. But when both shinobi started to observe each other more, something shifted between them. Not only did that cause confusion but also tension and conflicted emotions between both of them. Would they both fess up and create something meant to be? Or will they box up those feelings and worsen their relationship as friends? Note(11/21/15): Chapters have been fully edited!! Enjoy!!

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"Hmm, tastes just as I imagined." Were his only words to her for stealing her first kiss. Tenten blinked rapidly. "You kissed me!" She gasped. "Yes. I want to do it again." Neji replied just as one would when talking about the weather.

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After the Fourth Shinobi War was over, Tenten could finally mourn the loss of her lover and teammate, Neji. When a strange woman approaches her one day, she tells her that she wishes that the world was different. Little did she know, that wish would be granted. --- 19 year old Tenten Mitarashi switches to Konoha University, one of the top colleges in Tokyo. She meets a lot of friends there and soon becomes a part of Konoha 12. Life couldn't get any better, could it? However, there is one slight problem. Tenten's roommate, Neji Hyuga, is a player. Her friends all think that she could be the one to change his ways and help him go back onto the path he had strayed off of. When she does manage to convince him that his actions were wrong, he suggests that they date as practice- simply practice. Nothing else, right? While fragments of memories start to appear in each person's dreams, Tenten and Neji begin to wonder, is their "relationship" just pretend, or are they beginning to fall in love all over again? Little did anyone in Konoha 12 know, bonds are stronger than time and love can last for an eternity. --- Mostly NejiTen. There is also NaruHina, SasuSaku, and ShikaTema.

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Tenten and Neji starts falling for each other, and a girl also like Neji, who is willing to go to the extreme to win his heart. Does the girl gets what she want or do Tenten get her happily ending. This is the first Fanfiction I ever wrote hope you enjoy! Thank you for reading<3 Started:9-9-20 Ended: 5-13-21 Highest Accomplishment: #4 nejiten

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It's no secret that Neji and Tenten hate each other but Gai just had to make them act a role together in the drama he was directing. How could they act like a couple in love when they were not even friends in real life?! That's not where the drama starts. It starts when Tenten wakes up one morning...in Neji's body! Disclaimer: I don't own the characters and pictures in this book save for a few ocs, neither do I make money from this fiction.

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Tenten Mitashi is the local tomboy at Konoha Highschool. She's a weapon fanatic and has fantastic aim. With her best friend, Hinata Hyuga, at her side, life is perfect. But when Hinata's cousin strolls into her life... Her paradise is destroyed. ---- ((Editing in progress)) Updates hopefully every month! Rated Mature for some language! :p

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~X~ Hey people NejiTen is back people!!!!!!!! Let's go NejiTen! There aren't enough of them so I decided to write one- Anyways I'm getting off topic- Enjoy this, and it's not mature as I don't write that type of book, it's too inappropriate you know? Anyways, enjoy reading and BYEEEEE! ~X~

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When Tenten, a poor village girl, needed money for the antidote for her guardians illness, she was quite fortunate that the crown prince of the Konoha was hiring for himself a personal maid or butler at that time so she tried for luck. As fate would have it at the interview, the prince turns out to be the very rude stranger she met in the forest earlier that week. The interview only ended with angry yells and flying teacups but by some strange turn of events, she was hired. Now as the prince's maid, she has to deal with his rude and snarky behaviour. There is more to Prince Neji than meets the eye; he was a bit nicer than he seemed. How would she teach the prince that there was more to life that what he already knew? How would they cope with their difference in status when feelings undoubtedly arise? Read to find out!

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A collection of short (and not so short) Nejiten drabbles.

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After the academy had declared that it would be reducing its number of student intakes this year; Tenten made a decision to do whatever it takes, to enter. Even if it means changing herself into a male. She expected nothing less of the academy, a decent dormitory facility, weapons training area and dedicated Teachers. But she was not prepared for what came next; bumping into an insanely handsome teen with pale-coloured eyes- who had already started to loathe her as a boy. Ranked #1 under Nejiten on 29th December 2018 😄

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Tenten was not your typical kid. She grew up in the world of adults. More precisely, she grew up in the world of Akatsuki; a secret organization rich people hire to protect them from any threat. She grew up to be the youngest yet one of the best agents of the Akatsuki. No client had ever died under her watch. So, when one did, she took it to the heart. But refusing to succumb to the darkness of her life, she did what she had promised him: to protect his child. Tenten enrolled in high school to keep an eye on Hiashi's daughter-Hinata Hyuuga. All seemed well. Aside from the fact that Tenten will realize that nothing is ever easy in high school. DISCLAIMER ALERT I do not own Naruto or any character used in this story. Masashi Kishimoto owns them. *This story contains MultiShip but will mainly focus on NejiTen because why not!? *Mild curses and such.

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Tenten enrolls in the most prestigious college in Japan: Konoha College for the Musical, or KCM. On her first day Neji finds her alone playing the guitar, and Neji just so happens to be a vocal (singing) major. Soon, playing music together in the late hours of the night becomes a tradition. They don't talk, they don't know each other's names, they don't even know each other at all. But yet they find themselves slowly falling for each other. Sequel out now. Look for it on my account: 'Back for You (Midnight Music Sequel)'

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Neji x Tenten fanfic . Who would've known that Neji Hyuga would fall in love with Tenten since the first time they met as children. Suddenly they had to face the harsh reality, the great 4th ninja war was about to start Disclaimer: All pictures, drawings and Naruto characters are not mine. All credits to the owners Started December 2021 Ended August 25 12am

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"In order to get him back, relive all your memories with Neji. One small thing. On the day he died, prevent him from dying"

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❝ because of the thoughts that kept her awake at night ❞ A series of phone calls in which they realize that two is stronger than one. ••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••• BOOK TWO of the MOMENTS SERIES N E J I T E N COMPLETED