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The topic is a cliche one but I want to write. you might find similarity but I didnot copy. Yeah the idea is from So Nandini is the daughter of one of the trusted employees of Malhotras who passed away when Nandini was 16 . Since then Nandini is living with Malhotras and helps Nyonika at home and goes to school. Manik is 8 years older than Nandini. He's an arrogant young Man, Just completed his Uni. Will be soon joining malhotra industries. . He has neutral feelings for her! sometimes rude sometimes sweet But nandini likes him! The story will be how Manik falls for her slowly and madly

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Cover credit goes to @Reza132

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Manik Dad how can you fix my marriage without my consent. I don't believe in marriage. Nandini Grandpa how can you agree to get me married that ill mannered woman's son he will be also like his mom

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Higgest #27 in fanfiction It's a story of a mafia boss. It's a villain's love story.....

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Who is he ? Manik H/O Nandini. Husband and wife they fight for eachother, they fight among themselves, they irritate eachother finally end up with eachother, what ever things between them they stand for each other , they will take each other's responsibilities. .....Manik H/O Nandini I hope you like this small fun lovingly journey,.

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In this story manan are married..... and it's arrange marriage........ manik is very possessive about his thing..... nandini is very naive......... let's see what the journey store for them...... It's a dark story Mature content

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Highest Ranking #9- rockstar #25- manik Peep inside to know Manik- I CANNOT ACCEPT THIS BABY. WE ARE JUST 17 NANDINI. MANIK - A RICH,HANDSOME ROCKSTAR. NANDINI- A BEAUTIFUL AND PRETTY GIRL. Got separated due to misunderstanding.

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A cute, twisted and hilarious love story! NOT EDITED Highest rank : #1 in humor

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Story credits- @SmilingGirl_07 Manik the most handsome guy in Mumbai city, who had sacrificed all his happiness for his Gudiya Cavya, his daughter, sister and Best friend. His ex-girlfriend made him a prostitute. But now he accepted it as by that he can make money and get back Malhotra empire. Nandini village girl who want to become a doctor so she is planning to marry a city guy. Cavya want a mother but Manik is a prostitute so he have no time or interest to fall in love and marry a girl. Harshad who want to marry Nandini and Mukti to sell them. How will Manan meet? How will there life move on???. To know more peep in....happy reading :)

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Hiiiii!!! So I have read many stories in which girls due to mind problems acts like a baby and boy takes care of her but never seen the opposite so this one starring our fav manan😊

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A series of short stories, featuring Manik/Parth and Nandini/Niti as protagonists. ❤ List of stories:- 1. A Day With Me (2/2) 2. It's Never Too Late (1/1) 3. Falling In Love (1/1) 4. Love Letters (1/1) 5. Monster Loves Orchids (1/1) 6. Love At Coffee (1/1)

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story revolves around two person Manik and nandani that how Bollywood super star Manik Malhotra loves turns into obsession for nandani that leads to the forced marriage...

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So this is an 18+ story Contains 18+ words. Ignore if you are uncomfortable. My friend helped me with this story. Next update after all your views. So vote and comment free as whatever you want all free to give any review positive or negative. Dm me your requests. Thank you all Your writer Sasha.

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My 1st story so please bare it Two different people land up meeting in the same collage but they are not known that they are the once with whom they talk in their saddest moments with telly patty... lets see what comes up.... and see that does really love conquer their past.... 23/06/2019- #590 ranking in trust 09/07/2019- #114 ranking in MukBhi 07/11/2019-#23 ranking in Harshad