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In humans, Calista saw two things: love and war. Yet, she never imagined her life being so entwined with the two. [Marvel's Eternals] [oc x druig x makkari]

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How the Eternals discovered that Druig and Makkari were in love. Some of them were a little slower than others. [also posted on archiveofourown.org]

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Together, Thena, Sersi, Ikaris, Sprite, Gilgamesh, Phastos, Makkari, Druig, Kingo and Ajak became a team of ancient warriors. Druig seems to develop feelings for Makkari, but will his feelings for Makkari affect his one and only mission? "Druig was in pain, but all he could ever think was Makkari"

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makkari x oc ☾ ⋆*ο½₯゚:⋆*ο½₯゚: *⋆.*:ο½₯゚ .: ⋆*ο½₯゚: ☾ "Well, have you ever teleported before?" Makkari rolls her eyes and signs "Sprinting is faster then teleportation." I laugh and say "Wanna race?" She irks an eyebrow and signs "Yes." ☾ ⋆*ο½₯゚:⋆*ο½₯゚: *⋆.*:ο½₯゚ .: ⋆*ο½₯゚: ☾

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'she's a maneater' [it's scary...loving someone that you don't know if they love you back or not. it's even scarier when you love two people at the same time] } eternals { | this is a story about a polyamory relationship between druig, ziannia and makkari, not just druig and makkari |

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Watched Eternals and fell in love with Druig and Makkari. Yes I know I have a lot of unfinished projects, but there needs to be more fanfics on these two. I do not own Marvel.

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Druig x Makkari Marvel Studios' Eternals

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"My beautiful, beautiful Makkari...did you miss me?" Druig and Makkari's relationship is so beautiful, it inspired me to write. I don't usually write fan fiction but for them? Yes, a thousand times. I do not consider myself a good writer so read at your own risk. Lots of love everyone! All rights reserved to Marvel Studios.

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MAKKARI. ❝ i won't tell if you don't. ❞ plot shop ©reggiesimp cover by @clinquaant

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Ever since he was young, Druig Engel has been used to getting whatever he wanted, being born to the heir of a successful company owned by his wealthy parents. His status also allowed him to keep the people around him under his control as they seeked his attention and validation. This all seems true until he meets the beautiful and kind Makkari one night at a bar in the city. She looks at him differently than everyone else and proves to be more of a challenge than he ever expected.

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A story in which a girl interacts with 7 boys on 7 different platforms of social media. β™‘ all rights reserved β™‘ β€’ ii ; xxii β€’ 2017 [later lowercase intended] [this story contains mature themes, reader discretion is advised]

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druig and makkari were in love. and that's all they needed. (story from druig's perspective unless otherwise specified.) started jan 25, 2022. finished feb 4, 2022.

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✧ο½₯゚: *✧ο½₯゚:* We're choosing the path between the stars ✧ο½₯゚: *✧ο½₯゚:* I'll leave my love between the stars ✧ο½₯゚: *✧ο½₯゚:* Freya and Artemis are Eternals. They've lived among mortals for 7,000 years. Now with 7 days left, before the world is destroyed, they have to return to their family and confront their past to save the future. {Druig x OC & Makkari x OC}